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Millennial Wife Life

A first-person perspective on unseen parts of Millennial Marriage, offering glimpses into the lives of Millennial wives ranging from career, home life, and social life.

Millennial Wife To Be


Here's where I give my best unsolicited advice that you didn't ask for, but I think it would be useful to know as a bride to be.

Millennial Single Life


Advice and support offered to Millennial Singles aspiring marriage one day.

Millennial Mommy Life


Personal stories and tips for Millennial Mommys who are balancing career and motherhood on a daily.

Millennial Magic & Inspiration

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Millennial Magic & Inspiration is dedicated to celebrating the special and exciting qualities that makes someone special and share inspirational content.

Millennial Annonymous

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Dedicated to anonymous Millennial stories that have reached out seeking non-judgemental advice about various topics about life. 



“To kick-off our “Shining the Blogger Spotlight, we interviewed Tianesia Davidson, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Millennial Wives Club! See how Tianesia is changing the millennial game and showing the world that you can have it all!”

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Oprah "Zip" Bradford


"Before I became a wife, married women didn’t tell me that it is not my husband’s responsibility to fulfill all of my needs and make me happy. I really thought THAT was the whole point of getting married lol. I soon realized that my husband was just a resource and God is the source."