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Millennials, Mimosas, and a Masterpiece


Nothing is better than a mimosa in the afternoon! Less orange juice, more bubbly.

What a way to kick off our Millennial Magic Connection series in March than to have one Selfish Saturday, with Millennials, Mimosas, and a Masterpiece created for you and by you.

Last year, you sat with us for brunch and this year it's all about making magic and connections happen. Its time to get out of the house, mingle with other millennials, empty some champagne bottles, and create something special.

Millennials Mimosas and a Masterpiece.jpg

The guest list is limited so that there is a more intimate setting where we can actually have a decent conversation about various topics and genuinely get to meet new people.

If you can't attend this one, no worries because this will become a monthly event!

What Do I Have To Do?

Click here to reserve your spot and use Passcode MWC to confirm your reservation.

Please reserve by MARCH 16, 2018.