How To Maximize Your Free Time: Mommies with Master Plans

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There is misconception that a child can "hold a woman back" or "delay the goals that one is trying to accomplish". Let me be the first to say that is bullshit!

 A child is the exact fuel some women need to start up the ambition engine. Once the proper balance is found and your organizational skills get “on fleek”, a woman with a child is practically superwoman.

As a single mother balancing a toddler, entrepreneurship, and a traditional 9-5, I can assure you that the task of tackling your goals may not be easy but you’re more than capable. Before getting a sense of organization, I had my dreams on the back burner. I felt that dreams were for people without bills and a baby and that there was no way to make time to be an entrepreneur when I had so much to do as a parent. Nonetheless God had a purpose despite my doubts, my ambition and ultimate purpose overshadowed my doubts.

Personally, planners saved my life.


When I first decided to get back into school, with my 6-month old, my organizational skills were all over the place. I had to figure out how to multi task quick. I am a very proactive person, but I realized everything can’t be stored in my head. When you bank on your own personal memory the overall picture may be there, but the minor details are often left out this is where the planner kicked in. Koereyelle’s “Plot, Plan, and Get Paid” planner is my personal favorite. I made it my goal to Fill in those calendar days with every single task that should be knocked out that month. I was able to have a schedule that prepared me for my week at school. I used the calendar to look at what events with my non-profit I could start working towards. Soon I got so organized I started to even schedule self-care days and days to speak positivity over my day. Life became less stressful.  I’ve realized the more organized the better.  

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Here are a few simple tips to help a mother maximize their free time:

  • The main key is to utilize your free time. As a new mother you don’t have a lot of free time however as a millennial I’m sure you have your phone nearby 85% of the time. Utilize the time on your phone to do something in regard to your ambition. Whether its social media branding or simply taking advantage of the calendar on your phone.  

  • Whenever you have a thought about how to take your life to the next level put it in the phone on the note pad.

  • Use key words and positive affirmations to place on the notepad as well. (this will give you motivation on days you want to throw the towel in).

  • When the baby is napping, revert to those notes and decide which goal you want to tackle first.

  • Take that first goal and create a new to-do list that caters specifically to that goal and create an ideal pace that works for you.

  • Remember “It doesn’t matter when you finish the race what matters is that you’ve finished”.

  • If you have a toddler even better! Utilize the time your child is in daycare to get things done throughout the day.

  • Handle emails via phone, if possible market your business on social media.

  • On off days schedule at least one meeting with someone that is in the same field as you or can link you with someone who is.

  • Hell, meet with someone new just because meeting new people is lit!

  • If you’re unable to meet in person because of mommy duties or paw patrol just get some snacks for the kids to keep them occupied for a good 30 min and have an over the phone/virtual meeting.

  • When you’re at work, use your break time to eat and schedule in self care days. These self-care days should be taken just as serious as anything else on the to-do list. Issa Balance.

Overall stay organized, stay productive, and speak positive affirmations over your day. Remember that your child is fuel and their smile is all the motivation you need to tackle your ambitions. MAKE THEM PROUD!

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Brooke is an amazing ball of energy that believes in uplifting young women and maintaining a glow that brings joy to every heart she encounters. She has a passion for writing for over 18 years. She is a 24 year old Saint Louis native who relocated to the DFW area with her superhero of a toddler. In 2015 she founded Bridge Builders a sisterhood based in Saint Louis that believed service in the community was essential to be a Queen. As a young mother, event coordinator, and hospitality professional she tries to create memorable moments by simply being her. She has an Associates of Applied Science in Hotel and Restaurant administration.

She lives by her favorite singers quote “The only way to know, is to learn , then walk, then grow” Lauryn Hill.