Handbag Hacks You Need To Know

If there is any accessory which is totally essential for every woman out there in the world, it has to be a handbag. Our handbag goes with us everywhere and it is our best friend. We need a handbag to be able to carry our things around, and today we are going to talk about a few clever handbag hacks you need to know.

Money and key storage

The first tip for a fuss free handbag is for those times when you want to take a smaller bag out with you and you want to make sure that everything is safe. Your money and keys are the most important things to bring along and you can keep them together by using an alligator clip. An alligator clip can be used to keep your notes together and if you take off one of the silver pieces, loop the keys and put it back in, you’ll have access to both easily.

Mint tin bobby pin holder

For a simple bobby pin hold which will keep all of your pins in one place, you can use an old mint tin and place it in your bag to store these fiddly little items. What’s more, you can paint the tin with some nail varnish for a cute look and to make it easy to spot in your bag when you need it!

Bags inside bags

If you have a massive handbag and you store things like makeup, hand cream, lip balm, sunglasses, purse, hairbrush and more… you will likely want to use a couple of smaller bags in different cute colors to keep everything organized and make sure that you are able to find what you need right away. It will make life so much easier and when you need a top up of lipstick you will know which part of your bag to visit right away.

Baby powder emergency cleaner

There is nothing worse than buying yourself a stunning new Fifth Collection louis vuitton bags and then spilling your makeup or food inside the bag within the first week of owning it. When it comes to stains in your handbag there is one substance which can be a lifesaver until you have the chance to clean the bag properly… baby powder. The beauty of baby powder is that it will absorb the oils and grease on your bag while you are working and when you get the chance you can wash the stains off with ease. Always keep some on you just in case you need it!

Badge clip sunglasses holder

For a fun way to hold your sunglasses in the summer you can buy a badge holder and clip it to the front of your bag. The holder will then be able to clips round your sunglasses and keep them with you at all times. You’ll never have to forget them again and spend the whole day squinting in the sun! You can even paint the badge holder a cute color to add a little pop to your bag.