How To: Deal With Financial Stress

If you are a millennial who went to college, had a huge fancy wedding, bought a big house you can barely afford, still have a car note, or a credit card shopping addiction chances are you are in debt.

Financial stress affects us in many ways. For example, it could…

- Lead you into anxiety and depression when you are dealing with issues such as debt.

- Cause friction between you and your family, resulting in overheated arguments.

- Give you a hard time focusing on the various aspects of life, at home and at work.


Stress can affect you in these and many other ways. If only you had more money to play around with. If only you were able to manage your money better. Well, both of these things can be true to you, as we have some tips to help you deal with whatever type of financial stress you are currently under.

Try the following.

  • Create a budget: Finding out what money you have coming in each month, and working out where you are spending the money you have. Then take control of the situation. Are you spending too much in one particular area? Could savings be made? Use a budget planner, and monitor your cash flow each month, staying on top of your money for the long haul.
  • Start an emergency fund: Perhaps use the savings you have made after budgeting. The money you set aside can then be used for when you most need it; those unexpected emergencies that land upon all of us at one time or another.
  • Get help from others: Especially in the areas you feel weakest. So, if you are struggling with debt, it may be time to consolidate them to make paying them back more manageable. Start by reading the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews for one such reputable company who are equipped to help you. You may also benefit from an accountant, though this can be an extra expense, you will also have the services of somebody who can help with whatever is stressing you out, be that budgeting, taxes, or some other such issue.
  • Talk to a friend or family member: They may not be able to resolve your financial stresses (although they might for all we know), but they can listen to you and shoulder your burden with some level of support. A problem shared is a problem halved after all, and even if they don’t have the answers, you will at least be able to face the future with somebody on your side.
  • Practice self-care: Use our helpful tips to preserve your sanity. You need to remember, that while money stresses are very real, your life still needs to go on. Find ways to sleep better, perhaps by using meditation techniques, and look after your diet and physical health, as this can help you manage the stress you are feeling.
  • Make changes in your life: Such as not spending money on things that aren’t a priority, and perhaps booking yourself onto a training course to help you manage your money better. Ensure your family also adhere to changes, working together by adopting better habits around the home, in order to make financial savings possible. Change takes time, but small steps matter, so do what you can moving forward to better your life and reduce your stress.

These are our tidbits of advice, but you may have some of your own. Have you faced financial stress? How did you manage to deal with the problem? Share below your wisdom, so we can all move forward confidently, without the baggage that financial stress can impose upon us.