3 Things You Should Teach Your Children

As a parent, you know very well that the responsibility of teaching your kids the important stuff rests on you. At the end of the day, you need to take charge of making sure that they know everything that their school won’t necessarily teach them - or, at least, won’t teach them as in-depth as they should have.


Ensure that they grow up to be both street smart and book smart by following the steps below. It’s never too early to start either, and there are many ways to prepare your child for the life as a grown-up.

  • #1 Personal finance

    Do you think your five-year-old is a bit too young to be thinking about budgeting? Think again. Every child loves to pretend that they’re all grown-up and ready to face the world even though they can hardly tie their shoelaces.

Some schools go through this vigorously while others don’t; make sure that you find them a good Preparatory School, first of all, if you want to feel confident that they’ve got this covered. Other than that, the best way we can teach them the important stuff is to set a good example and make sure that they follow our lead.

Pocket money is always a good way to start out with teaching children about budgeting. When your kid wants to spend their weekly allowance on candy right away, you can always let them do it - but point out that if they manage to skip it this week, they’ll be able to buy even more the next time they get an allowance.

Similarly, you should send your older kids to the grocery shop when they’re ready for it, and help them to become familiar with smart shopping. They’ll love the responsibility as well, by the way, and especially if they’re allowed to buy themselves a treat for the effort.

  • #2 Cooking

    Children love to help and they should definitely help you out in the kitchen. Small children should, of course, not handle any knives but they can still help out by rinsing herbs and lettuce and watch their parents cook.

As they grow older, they can handle soft veggies such as mushrooms and tomatoes as long as they have a plastic knife to cut them with. If you’re not sure about what your kid can help you out with, just have a look at this comprehensive article and find your kid’s age.

  • #3 Cleaning

    Teaching your children good habits starts at home. By teaching them how to tidy up properly and how to keep the house clean, you’re doing yourself a massive favour - they will grow up to be teenagers, you know, and they tend to be the messiest kind.

Give your child the responsibility of watering your household plants, for example, and when they’ve graduated this stage, they can proceed to loading the dishwasher and even vacuuming.

That way, you know that they’ll grow up to be both tidy and savvy little teenagers one day even if they don’t always show it.