3 Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Healthy


A major part of our lives are the relationships we have with others, and easily some of the most meaningful and profound relationships we have are those romantic relationships, where we get to share our lives with another person, laugh and cry together, travel, and plan for the future.

It’s hard, however, to not notice some of the severe pessimism that seems to be so common these days regarding relationships. Many people feel that heartbreak is inevitable, divorce is the ultimate end for all marriages, and there’s nobody out there who they could trust, or who could treat them with love and respect.

Part of this pessimism is, of course, rooted in real problems that people experience — relationships do sometimes go sour, and personal dramas do sometimes cause ruin. But these things are not inevitable, and it’s always worth fighting to make a good relationship work, or to meet that someone special and form a good relationship with them.

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If you have already found someone special, here are some tips for keeping your relationship healthy.

Practice a policy of total, but tactful and thoughtful, honesty.

For your relationship to be successful over the long term, you need to practice a policy of total, but tactful and thoughtful, honesty.

If you’re constantly keeping secrets from your partner, and masking your true intentions, you are sowing seeds of discontent and division that will inevitably manifest in terrible form somewhere down the line.

Always be truthful to your partner, and ideally to your friends too, but do it in a tactful and thoughtful way. If you’re mad at your partner and they ask, “what are you feeling?” don’t say “I feel like I hate your guts”, say “I’m extremely angry with you. I think when you did… it was disrespectful.”

Make an effort with the small things

In a healthy relationship, it’s often the small everyday gestures that make the biggest impact. Huge romantic gestures every few years are all well and good, but it’s things like the fact that you make your partner a cup of tea every morning, share jokes with them every day, and cuddle them at night, that have the most nurturing impact day-to-day.

As we become more settled and comfortable in our relationships, it’s easy to justify becoming lazy and letting these small, commonplace loving gestures fall by the wayside.

Don’t do it. It’s in these little acts, repeated often, that we show and reaffirm our affection and commitment to our loved ones.

Spend time together on a regular basis

Long-distance relationships are notorious for having a high failure rate, in no small part because physical presence and company is so important in a functioning relationship.

Of course, some people do manage to make long-distance relationships work, but to the greatest extent possible, you should always try to spend time together with your partner on a regular basis.

It’s those mornings spent cuddling, days spent sightseeing, and yes, even the arguments you have, that will form the substance of your relationship over time.