Shopping With Kids: My Pro Tips


Going shopping with your children is painfully hard. You desperately want them to behave, and there’s the constant fear that they’ll play up and have a loud tantrum that makes you look like a terrible mother in front of everyone in the store. I know loads of parents dread going shopping with their kids so much that they’ll even hire a nanny or pay for a daycare service just to avoid it.

Yes, it’s difficult, but I do have a few pro tips that should make the whole experience a bit easier for you to handle!

Don’t let your children run around the grocery store. 

Keep them close by

The worst thing that can happen is for your child to run off around the shop on their own. They like exploring, but this can be dangerous for many reasons. Firstly, they might hurt themselves by falling over. Kids can’t read wet floor signs so they might be unaware a surface is slippy and go hurtling over, severely injuring themselves. Yes, you can contact an attorney to try and get compensation, but you can’t stop your child from being in severe pain and bawling their eyes out. So, hold their hand, sit them in the trolley, or even push them in their push chair. If they’re close to you, they can’t run around causing havoc or getting hurt.

Make a game out of it

One of the main reasons children are so hard to shop with is that they get bored very quickly. They’d rather be at home doing something fun than going around a shop for over an hour. This makes them restless, which ends up causing tantrums. So, my advice is to try and make a game out of it. If you’re grocery shopping, tell them some things to look out for and ask them to point them out for you. This instantly gives them something to do, and they’ll be turning their head looking for the fruit you mentioned or anything else. You could also try playing other games as you shop as well. I spy is always a simple one, and kids love to play it. It’s all about injecting a bit of fun into the experience, so they don’t get restless.

Take them to the park after as a treat.

Promise them a treat after

Ah yes, the tried and tested method of bribing your kids with the promise of a treat! It works like a charm, and I’m sure your parents used this on you when you were little as well. Children behave better when they know they’re getting something out of it in the end. If you tell them to behave well, and that they’ll get a reward after, then you're generally due a peaceful shop. I do think the treat you give them matters a lot as well. Don’t just buy loads of sweets or junk food for them to enjoy, try and think outside the box. One of my favorite ideas is promising them that you’ll go to their favorite park afterward so they can play for a bit. It gets you both out of the house for longer, and they get some exercise to tire them out as well.

With these tips, you’ll no longer dread shopping with your children! They’re easy to apply, so give them a go the next time you’re out.