Millennial Magic Monday: Britne Daughtdrill

The Millennial Wives Club is celebrating the special and exciting qualities that make someone magical. Every Monday we feature different Millennials who will be recognized for their special talent, gift, business/entrepreneurship, career, and influence. 

This Monday we are highlighting Britne Daughtdrill, a millennial wife, professional therapist, and the creator of a blog called "The Destiny Dive". 

We all need a push out of our comfort zone in order to experience our full potential. We think Britne is magical, because she is dedicated to to assisting others in taking their own customized dive into their destiny.

We asked Britne some questions below to get to know a little better and to highlight her magic.

Give us an overview of the evolution of Britne and how you decided on your career choice as a therapist.

I have always known that I wanted to help people when I grew up. My original dream was to help people by working in the medical field, either by practicing anesthesiology or by becoming a pediatric orthodontist. However, I realized that I’m not the best with gory and graphic scenes so I had to reassess some things (LOL). As I got into the second semester of my freshman year at UT, I started to realize that I am really good with empathizing and helping people with their everyday circumstances. So I switched my major from Biology to Psychology and kept going until I got my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling!

What was your most proud moment in your life and career?

To date, my proudest moment in my life has to be marring my husband. Marriage is such a sacred institution for me, and I am proud to be sharing it with the most amazing man on the planet! And when it comes to my career, it’s difficult to pick a single proudest moment because everyday I am thanked by my client’s for being there and helping them through their toughest times in life, which I take pride in each and every time.

When you're not working what can we expect to see Britne doing?

Outside of working on my blog, you can either catch me hanging out with friends/other married couples enjoying game nights and other fun activities around the city of Nashville, or chilling at home (I’m like 85% a homebody lol). When I’m home, I’m catching up on my all of my shows! Speaking of my shows, I’m super excited for my fall lineup to come back!! How To Get Away With Murder anyone??

What inspired “The Destiny Dive” and what’s next for it?

The Destiny Dive was birthed out of my passion to become an entrepreneur and further help people in the process. I have come across so many people in my life who either don’t know their destiny or purpose in life, or they do know it and for one reason or another are stuck and/or reluctant to take the necessary steps to fulfill that destiny. The Destiny Dive was created to fill that gap by being a motivational, inspirational, and encouraging blog, while also giving me a creative outlet. However, my plan for The Destiny Dive is to take it beyond a blog by providing tangible services/coaching to help those who are stuck and need assistance taking that dive into their next phase of life. I’m also looking to start service projects where The Destiny Dive gives back to the community. And finally, I hope begin booking speaking engagements where I can go and motivate others (be it company events, school events, etc.) to really experience a life of no boundaries and teach them realistic ways that it can be done.

How do you motivate yourself daily?

Having a clear vision about where it is that I want to be in life, and checking off the steps to getting there motivates me everyday because I’m getting closer to seeing that vision become a reality. The Destiny Dive also motivates me because although it’s my blog, I know that I am helping others by motivating, encouraging, and inspiring them daily either through my Instagram quotes or through the blog posts that I write. Knowing that I am affecting change in the lives of others through my site and through my job as a therapist really pushes me to move forward in my destiny.

What are you currently “diving” into? Any upcoming projects?

So right now I am diving into a revamp/relaunch of The Destiny Dive, my blog. The original site is still up and people can go view all of the older post at, but I am working on expanding the site and offering different services and projects. Putting myself out there with The Destiny Dive is a constant dive because it’s something that’s completely new for me and it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Trying to become a boss is hard work and can be scary at times, but I have to dive into it and not let fear hold me back!

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind (this comes from one of your own blog post titles and can be completely unrelated to the blog post):

Ignoring ______ is just as bad as ______

Ignoring Injustice is just as bad as Supporting it. I definitely have a whole blog post related to this statement (lol) because it is so true!! We live in a world that is ravaged with injustice and it is time out for sitting idly by and watching it happen. I’m not suggesting that everyone has to run for office and change policies, but there are endless ways to get your voice heard in today’s society, social media being the biggest platform. Start by simply denouncing injustice, or changing your profile picture to reflect that you stand for justice, or doing something completely different. It doesn’t matter what you do, but when you’re passive or silent about the injustices taking place, it truly is just as bad as supporting it.

What would you like to be most known for?

I would love to be most known for the woman who motivated, inspired, and encouraged a generation of people to live a life of fullness by getting out of their own way and literally diving into their destiny, passion, and purpose! It’s really that simple!

Has your perspective of marriage changed now that you’re in it?

I think my perspective of marriage has changed only slightly now that I’m in it. I still have the same general perspective of marriage in that I believe it to be an institution of love, trust, communication, compromise, and forgiveness while making sure that you have a great time along the journey. The only small shift in perspective that I can say I have is really just the everyday mechanics of how it all comes together, and that looks different from marriage to marriage.

What advice would you give to aspiring Millennial Wives?

The advice I would give to aspiring Millennial Wives is be aware of the false limits you place on yourself. You truly are more capable than you could ever imagine and I would encourage you to push those limits and boundaries and see just how capable you are!

Thanks so much Britne for your allowing us to get to know you and the work that you are doing! We will continue to follow and support you as you take your dive!

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