Millennial Magic Monday: Dr. Lillian Gipson

Psychotherapist | Author | Speaker | Coach

Psychotherapist | Author | Speaker | Coach

Dr. Gibson is a licensed clinical psychologist often referred to as a “mood make-over” expert. She is known to guide clients away from feeling overwhelmed, hurt, frustrated, and sad into a life of peace and happiness. Her goal is to help patients solve their problems through individual, group, or couples counseling for emotional healing and restoration.  Dr. Lil has specialized training to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and mood disorders that accompany chronic pain and medical conditions.

One of her many passions is to enhance the love lives of couples desiring fulfilling and lasting marriages.  Dr. Lil enjoys teaching soulmates creative ways to increase marital intimacy, and divorce proof their marriages by being proactive instead of reactive.  Couples working with her learn unique communication styles to overcome their relationship struggles.  Her book Miss to Mrs. teaches phenomenal women how to strengthen their unions with the use of her female autonomy within marriage guide.

 After helping several family members and friends shed unwanted weight by eating metabolism boosting foods, she was led to coach women on “clean eating secrets”.  Her techniques were so easy they spread like wildfire. Gibson Life Organizational Services (GLOS), an on-line weight loss program, was eventually launched. Women across the country have lost thousands of pounds by using her food system known as the GLOS Formula.  

She often provides motivational seminars in the community, at local churches, and for social organizations to help others “live to their maximum potential.”  Dr. Gibson has studied national and international factors that inspire personal changes in places such as Johannesburg, South Africa, Senegal, West Africa, and at Johns Hopkins University.

Following her studies at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she received her bachelors and masters degrees, she relocated to Jackson, Mississippi.  While there she obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Jackson State University.  Her professional duties also include supervising psychology and medical residents on evidenced based psychotherapy treatments. 

Dr. Gibson is a renaissance woman who “practices what she preaches.” At home she is a loving wife to her husband, Clyde, and supermom to her son, Calix. 


She is an active member of Westside—Greater Works Church located in Lewisville, Texas.  Dr. Gibson currently serves as the program manager for the WHO ministry, which focuses on health and wellness.  




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