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The Millennial Wives Club got the opportunity to sit down and talk to the beautiful Courtney from! This girl is beautiful on the inside and outside, and we were so happy to highlight her for her authenticity and transparency.

We talked life as an entrepreneur, secrets to maintaining beauty, fashion, and fitness, dealing with anxiety, sharing more than your highlight reel, and so much more! 

We really enjoyed getting to know Courtney and her story was so refreshing. You can definitely feel the positive vibes, good energy, and see her personality in this written interview.


MWC: Give us an overview of the evolution of Courtney and how you became the woman you are today.

COURTNEY: Wow, that's a tough one! Um...Resilience. I think honestly that is really what it is. Resilience and lots lots lots of Faith. Something that recently really stuck with me was when I sat down with my former boss before he left to pursue other career options he said to me, "Court, you're a survivor, girl. There's no doubt in my mind that you will be successful at absolutely everything you want out of life." And what was crazy is he said it in the most authentic, off the cusp type of way. Ya know when you can seriously FEEL God speak to you through others? It was that type of moment. I literally get emotional every time I remember that conversation. It will be something I will forever take with me throughout my life. I have been through a lot in my life on this earth. Nothing I have has come easy but man, faith and resiliency can take you to the highest of places.

MWC: What inspired you to start How did Eclectic Bella come about?

COURTNEY: Truly, C came about when I realized how many people I connected with that would tell me I should start a Blog or Vlog about my life and story. Once I started really thinking about it, I saw how most bloggers just blogged about their highlight reel and I wanted to create community where people were comfortable doing both. That's really it right there, I started my blog to create a community where others feel represented. Whether that be swooning over the Gucci Spring line or being transparent about depression.

I actually started Eclectic Bella three years ago! I always knew I wanted to own my own boutique since the age of 17 where I worked at the hottest boutique in Nashville. Once I graduated from college and moved to LA I had the "Ah-ha!" moment of starting an online shop while maintaining my career. I wanted to create a brand where women could confidently shop with me knowing they're purchasing nothing but the best quality while adding chic pieces to their wardrobe. This was before the market became "saturated" and social media (IG) really took off. There were no e-course/books, webinars, or coaches for entrepreneurs at the tip of my finger like there is now. I had to figure it all out myself through trial and error. I found a model, my friend helped me with the photography, found a studio, and graphic designer and bam! was up! Unfortunately, I started promoting at work quite quickly so my brand took the backseat for about two years. However, there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't regret letting Eclectic Bella fall to the waist side so I finally decided to get back to chasing my dreams and relaunch!


MWC: What is the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned to date?

COURTNEY: Trust the Process. I know it sounds so cliche but just trust it. I always say to my friends and employees,"think of your latest big accomplishment. Now think of all the things that went wrong that somehow led to this amazing moment for you. Because you trusted the process!!!" Success doesn't come over night and it's really hard to keep that as an anchored thought nowadays because of everyone showing us their highlight reel on social media. But trust it, always, and celebrate all the small wins while you're on the journey to your "big win".

MWC: More women are becoming entrepreneurs. What are the pros and cons to being an entrepreneur and building a brand?

COURTNEY: I love the empowerment of building a brand and business. I love love love connecting with so many amazing, intelligent, beautiful women who are chasing their dreams and passions and taking life by storm. My IG feed is full of nothing but Boss Women whom I admire for their hustle. Entrepreneurship is tough. It's not this whole "I don't answer to anyone. I'm my own boss" type situation that a lot of people romanticize about. Your customer is who you're answering to, day in and day out. And your customer is usually always changing, therefore so will their demands. You have to continuously grow and evolve as an entrepreneur with your business and brand. And of course, there's the situations like your camera randomly deciding to stop working right before a shoot, your MacBook crashing in the middle of coding your site, those moments where I'm like "Okay. I need a glass of wine and 15 minutes to chill before I have break down" lol.

MWC: What would you like to be most known for?

COURTNEY: Hmmm..... I feel like at first I think "living my life unapologetically while never taking 'no' for an answer" but when I imagine my funeral, and people gathering for my send off I want nothing more than people to be able to say, "she loved people well" I hope I leave a legacy that makes people feel loved, like they belong, like there's a space for them, like they're absolutely magical. I try to cultivate this by always being as transparent as possible in my own personal journey.

MWC: What do you think society expects from women today?

COURTNEY: Honestly, I love how there's been such a shift with women in society. Women are now telling society that we are not to be boxed in at all anymore and we honestly could care less what society expects from us. Because in actuality we're SO much more than any expectation society could project on us. With our career, sexuality, pay, the way we dress... we are demanding equality and you will RESPECT all of it regardless of how you feel about it. The force is truly Female now and I am soooo here for it! The unity between women lately, ESPECIALLY women of color is sooooo freaking beautiful! It's such a honor to feel a part of this movement. Don't get me wrong, we definitely still have a lot of work to do but we are no longer silent, we are LOUD, honey! Not only will you see and hear our voices, you will FEEL the force of women and I'm so here for it!

MWC: You are gorgeous and totally fit! What’s your secret to maintaining beauty, fashion, and fitness? How do you balance your love life and social life?

COURTNEY: Omg, thank you! Honestly, you just have to make a healthy life style a priority and I guess somewhat be strategic about it. So for instance, I try to work out 4-5 times a week. I sweat like a wild boar when I work out (lol) so during the week I am #UpDoShawty. I wear my hair in a bun 90% of the time at work to alleviate having to put heat on it consistently after being in the gym. I pick my "rest days" for my days off of work when I know I'm going to shoot for Truly,C or Eclectic Bella so I have fresh hair that's ready to be styled. It's all about choosing. I just don't have the time (or energy) to work out 4-5 times, and then shampoo/condition and style my hair every day. It's just not possible. So I choose fun up do's and keep it moving until it's a Glam Day!

People ask me how I balance the two a lot and it's so funny because I'm always like "I don't know? I just do." lol. It's not something that I've ever had to sit back and ponder. We just make it work. Often times I'm told how much people love the dynamic of my relationship with my man because we are both very secure as individuals that we kind of just flow really well when together. I'm huge on "Me Time" and "Girl Time" (like they're both negotiables for me) so I'm grateful to be with someone that honors that without question. One thing I know for certain is I could never date a controlling man. I am the epitome of an alpha female. I am mine before I am anyone else's, what you see is what you get, and you will get all of this magic and love if you love me well!


MWC: You’ve been open about suffering from anxiety. What tactics do you use to cope with anxiety?

COURTNEY: I do a lot of things but 3 things that have had the most influence have been prayer, meditation, and working out. I've been in and out of therapy as well. That's on my To Do list this year is to find a consistent therapist. I wrote a blog post on my struggle with anxiety that I encourage everyone to read!

MWC: If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

COURTNEY: Queen Bey, for sureee!! I mean, she's like seriously everything?! A business mogul, amazing artist and performer, humanitarian, and she plays absolutely zero games. I love how she continuously creates new lanes in the industry. Her consistent personal evolution is just unmatched and so admirable.

MWC: Tell us something about Courtney that we wouldn’t be able to find on social media.

COURTNEY: I'm actually very transparent on social media but something I rarely talk about is how hard I work. I don't have the typical "9-5" career, my job consists of 10-14 hour days on average. In fact, I just ended the hardest peak season of my career this year as well, where I worked 16-26 hour days. Yes, one day I went into work at 7am on Monday and left at 9am on Tuesday. And I'm salary too so ya girl isn't collecting any additional coins for extra hours. So yeah, in the most humble way possible...I have an insane work ethic. Whatever my name is attached to will always be given 150% of me. No exceptions. Between my career, blog, and brand, I am definitely always busy.

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