The Millennial Wives Club had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Millennial MUA and Owner of Desire Lash Company, Desiree Phillips! It was such a fun interview and we hope you enjoy hearing her story and gain something from her advice and experience as an entrepreneur.

Her 2018 Affirmation: FACE ALL YOUR FEARS!

Watch her interview below and read her interview after that!

1. Give us an overview of the evolution of Desiree (how did you decide your career). 

The evolution of Desiree is surprising. Not to say that my growth is surprising, but my transformation is per say. I never would have thought I would become a Mua. Growing up, I was MAJOR tomboy. I grew up playing basketball around mostly boys, so I could probably count on one hand of how many girl hoopers were there. Not only developing the skills and "swag" of the guys, but I thought I was one of them. I was no ordinary girl that wanted to play dress-up. I wanted to get my hands dirty and play outside until the street lights came on. When I was little I had to choose between being a cheerleader or a basketball player. Let's just say the pom-poms didn't last at all. Fast forwarding through my childhood into the teenage years, my senior year of high school, I decided to start experiencing with makeup. Going into college, I was the one my friends or teammates would ask to do their makeup for them. From that point on I grew a major interest and love for the artistry. I never thought my love for basketball would ever fade. Here I am today following my true dreams and it allows me to be a blessing and inspiration to others. 

2. What was your most proud moment in your life and career?

The most proud moment in my life was when I decided that I wanted to become a Entrepreneur. 

3. As a Make Up Artist and Young Entrepreneur, what do you think is your biggest obstacle? How do you overcome?

As a Make Up Artist and Young Entrepreneur, I would say my biggest obstacle would be the process of learning business and how everything works. With the lack of Financial Literacy and Black Wealth within the black community, and which this has not been taught within our past generations, I feel like this is my biggest challenge. I overcome this by using resources to learn everything I need to know to be a successful Entrepreneur and business owner. 

4. When you're not working what can we expect to see Desiree doing?

When I'm not working, you can expect to see me pursuing modeling,  creating content for YouTube, and giving back to the community. As I grew older, many people would tell me how beautiful I looked and that I should consider modeling. Thinking to myself, I had no idea how to model or even where to start. So here I am. I'm very interested in becoming a print model. I would love to be hired for jobs that involve magazines, commercial print, and billboard ads. I would love to see myself up there one day. As far as You Tube, I love to create beauty content that would be helpful to other women. With giving back to the community, you will see me participating in different projects that will allow me to use my gifts that will uplift different women.

5. What are you currently working on? Any upcoming projects? 

I am currently working on a few projects. I am working on a Lash Line that is expected to launch this mid Fall, which I am very excited for you guys to see. I am also teamed up with  other professionals, leading member, known as Photographer Jaren Collins, with JCICreatives. We are creating a project called, "TheMakeOver Dallas ", in which we granted 6 deserving women makeovers. Not only are we just giving them makeovers, we are giving them a platform to tell their stories, give back to them, and inspire other women. So far it has been an emotional ride for us that we did not expect, but we are definitely excited to share it with you all. 

6. How do you motivate yourself daily?

Everyday is an uphill battle for me. With battling depression from time to time, I have to take it day by day. Motivating myself involves a few different things. I like to be conscious of how certain things make me feel. I only surround myself of things that consist of positive nature. This may involve saying positive affirmations daily or allowing myself to be around people who can uplift me in positive ways. 

7. What advice do you have for another Millennial who wants to start their own business but don't know where to start?

The advice I would give to another Millennial who wants to start their own business, would be to do their research. Start researching and finding resources that can give you the right tools to put you on the right track. The business side of things, is your foundation. While doing this, take one step at a time. You don't have to overload yourself with figuring everything out at once. As long as you are making strides towards your dreams, Entrepreneurship will reveal itself when the time is right. 

8. What's the most beneficial thing you've learned starting up your business?

The most beneficial thing that I have learned starting my own business, would be the flexibility and the ability to control my income and schedule. My paycheck depends on me and how hard I work, which is something I am proud to say. It's not easy, but if you dedicate yourself to the work, you will see the results you want. 

9. What's the hardest thing about being a Millennial Single/Woman today?

The hardest thing about being a Millennial Single woman today would be dealing with the controversy of dating and marriage in today's society. Everything is different now and I think there are some people who have spun away from the traditional way of things. Especially with the new generation. With social media and technology advancement, I would say it has  the ability to complicate relationships, or make it a topic of how things are supposed to be based on what social media portrays. From it "going down in the dm" to "relationship status", I would say it definitely puts pressure on everyone. 

10. What’s your favorite make-up trend/technique?

Brows and Baking!