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The Millennial Wives Club got the opportunity to sit down and talk to the FEARLESS Amanda Smith from Dallas Girl Gang! She shared with us her values, her vision, and her views on being a Millennial woman today aspiring to create a sisterhood of likeminded women while remaining fearless.


MWC: Give us an overview of the evolution of Amanda Smith?

Amanda: I am a full-time music teacher by trade. I have always held leadership skills and roles early on in life in church ministry, worship leading, and event planning. As I began my Rodan+Fields business, a spark was lit in me to do MORE and impact lives in a different way. I now love to host events, build community, and connect with REAL people :)

MWC: What do you think society expects from women today?

Amanda: I think views are starting to change for sure, but I do feel, personally, that as a woman I’m supposed to have babies at a certain time, be a “homely wife”, count on my husband more, etc. I think they expect a lot from us, but then again if you’re like me, you choose to do a lot! We don’t have to :)


MWC: What is your take on what it means to be a Millennial Wife/Woman today?

Amanda: I believe it means being authentically YOU and no one else. Doing what you are meant to do and what is going to serve the biggest and best purpose for you and others around you.

MWC: How do you motivate yourself daily?

Amanda: Surrounding myself with things that I love like good podcasts, music, or taking breaks with funny dumb videos or shows. I value spending time growing my relationship with Christ and reading scripture. Lastly, I value my girl friendships very much. I keep like 3 girls close who are confident, full of integrity, and who love Jesus.

MWC: How do you support other women in your life?

Amanda: I support others in lots of ways, it’s literally one of my passions. I have built Dallas Girl Gang out of just wanting women to be able to connect and feel supported! I also love to find who has projects going on and seeing how I can help!

MWC: Dallas Girl Gang is a growing community, what is it about this unique group that brings women from all over Dallas together?  

Amanda: Ah! So many things. We are of all ages, race, backgrounds, jobs, and life experience. We all bring so much to the table and it is all because of the sense of belonging everyone feels.

MWC: Why did you decide to branch out from blogging on your personal blog, Worth More Than Gold, and starting Dallas Girl Gang?

Amanda: I saw a NEED and a gap to be filled. Bloggers + influencers are all online and connecting at events and launch parties are great, but what about when you need a girl to go to the movies with? Yup, Dallas Girl Gang. What if you need a photographer and you don’t know where to go besides google? DGG :)


MWC: You share that fearless is your word of the year, what does being fearless look like for you and how are you taking that into action on a daily basis?

Amanda: FEARLESS as God has called believers to be. In my job, business, marriage, family, and all aspects of life. The event that will be happening this summer is specifically targeting those in business/blogging/influencing/professionalism who are believers and striving to be authentic, walk in faith, and be fearless despite the world.

MWC: Can you give advice to women who are struggling in walking in their calling or purpose?

Amanda: Take TIME off to figure it out. Block out all the noise, pray if you do that, meditate, be still and quiet for a day or 2 and see what happens. Turn off your phone, don’t look at social media for a few days. Make lots of lists and bring the most important things to the surface.

MWC: If you could give 3 tips for branding yourself as a blogger/ influencer, what would they be?

Amanda: SMILE, show your face, and be consistent. Preaching to myself!