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The Millennial Wives Club got the opportunity to sit down and talk to Brittnay Peters! She shared with us her evolution, becoming the jewel God called her to be, fashion tips, hardest obstacles faced by millennial women today, and more!


MWC: Give us an overview of the evolution of Brittnay? How did you become the woman that you are today?

Brittnay: Who is Brittnay? The most loving, caring, giving, supportive, and cheerleader to all that I encounter. I have given my all to people and now this is my season to give and pour into Brittnay!! To be quite honest, I didn’t know how to do that at first and realized that I must be transparent with myself. I’m learning self-love, self-care, self-dignity, and self-worth. I had to realize I’m worth just what I give others and so much more. I am still becoming… Once you realize your worth, let fear go! Take back the power of your mind of course by letting our Father heal you, you’re totally unstoppable! I will not say that the journey is easy but my dear gem you have to know you’re so worth it. So I’m still becoming daily… Becoming POWERFUL, Becoming the jewel God has called me to be. Becoming a positive influencer! It is so important to become and embrace you! Love yourself. Once you figure that out darling, you’re ready to take on the world. Trust me, I'm testifying!!!

MWC: What inspired you to become involved with the world of fashion?

Brittnay: Fashion has been a part of my life since I was a little girl! I pattern myself after my grandmothers and my aunts, who kept that fancy lifestyle aboard everywhere they went. They would rock the “church hat” and matching suits on Sunday to showing up to work in style.  I also struggled with self-esteem in past, so that sparked the flame of fashion in me. I created within myself who I wanted to be (not wanting to be like another woman) which was to become powerful, fearful, fierce, ambitious - a royal queen. I would walk every step like it was and is a runway! God truly did a confidence makeover and it is continuing every day in my life!! I love making people look and feel good. The experience I want them to gain from me is “Yes, I look magnificent, elegant, and exquisite in these beautiful garments with my best face”. “But even when I take them off baby, I am still fearfully and wonderfully made.” “My Father created me just the way he wanted me to be, so I’m fashioned in his image.” “He looks at me and says she is good!” So if God has that faith and confidence in me, so should I! It’s a peaceful feeling knowing you’ve encouraged someone to have self-love.

MWC: You’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with a major stylist by the name of J. Bolin. How was that experience and what have you learned?

BRITTNAY: The J.Bolin is nothing short of amazing, he is a walking talking fashion bible. This guy knows his stuff. The experience was wonderful! I had the chance to experience literally the cute stuff and the hard working ugly things. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. When J speaks please take notes, he gives knowledge and it’s up to you to retain and act upon it!

MWC: What are some fashion tips you can share with our readers?

BRITTNAY: Fashion tips - basics are a necessity. Please, please invest in GREAT undergarments! It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, undergarments are magical. Follow stylish women! It’s not always about the latest trend, timeless pieces are always in style. Rock the best you! If you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing, it shows! Also, colored shoes are amazing!

MWC: In life, we all come to a point where we feel stuck. What moment was that for you and how did you pull yourself out?

BRITTNAY: No one wants to ever feel stuck! When you get to that point in life, speak to yourself in a positive manner! It’s usually not what it looks or feel like, you can and will continue to move forward. Again, everything goes back to our mind, try to tell your mind and you know who (let’s not even give him credit by saying his name) NOT TODAY! Work until you aren’t stuck, write it out, keep your focus - please don’t lose sight of what is already placed inside of you. 1 Peter 1:3.  God has given you the power to get Wealth. Deuteronomy 8:28

MWC: What are you most proud of?

BRITTNAY: What am I most proud of? I decided not to let what life was and has been stop me. I recently found myself saying, “I’m a late bloomer but HONEY watch me slowly bloom.” It’s never too late to keep trying to do whatever it is that you want to do. DO NOT GIVE UP!  You can take a break, but giving up is not an option.

MWC: What would you say is the hardest obstacle as a Millennial Woman?

BRITTNAY: The hardest obstacle with being a Millennial Woman was being truthful with myself. We live in a world of stunting… Let’s be honest, social media use to depress me. I felt like I’m at an age where I should have certain things or be at a certain level or point in my life. Social media can make you feel like everyone is living their best live or living on top of the world. Now, I’m not saying people aren’t living what they post but some are just stunting for the ‘gram. I want every millennial to know growth takes time. Just continue to work at it, because everybody doesn’t have to be a size 0. You don’t have to have the latest brands, and please don’t twerk for a like because it’s still good to leave something to the imagination. When it’s your time to shine, it won’t take likes to get you where you need to be. Faith, prayer, endurance, and work will get you to favor! Likes and followers will never take the place of favor, but you have to work for it. God won’t give you favor just to be lazy… hello, darling I’ve learned that. Work, work, work. Work smart, be happy, have purpose, have a plan, and stay focused. You will never accomplish anything confused. Everyone isn’t give a platform, you have to work for it. Wealth isn’t passed down to everyone, some of us have to work for it! Favor isn’t being lazy. You don’t work, you don’t eat! Lol Amennnnn!!

MWC: What are you currently working on? Any upcoming projects?

BRITTNAY: What am I currently working on? MYSELF! Planning and writing those crazy dreams and ideas down. I’ve found myself now staying up late trying to plan for a better Brittnay. I want to be a blessing to any and everybody. I’m a giver! I want to help the next lady come up so if it takes me struggling so they don’t have to, I’m willing because one day you will see Brittnay on billboard, magazine talk shows, or even Forbes. I will be able to help the next person. I feel that’s what we are put on this earth for!!

When we go through things and grow from the experiences, we think it’s just for us. Yes, honey it hurts and it feels as if you’re the only one going through it and nobody has it as bad as you, but I had to look at it as if it’s for the next person. Take and educate them so they may not have to go through some of the things I went through, even self-afflicted trials. Now that’s a whole ‘nother story! We are quick to blame it all on others, but we have allowed some things to happen that we could’ve prevented! I actually have something coming up, so stay tuned darling. I think it will be super cool to start with and build on!

MWC: What is your favorite inspirational quote?

BRITTNAY: Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends. ~ Walt Disney

You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated. ~ Maya Angelou