"Women who wear black lead colorful lives"


Welcome to the Club! The Millennial Wives Club was created November 25, 2016 by Tia. Tia is a new wife as of July 16, 2016 and she is the epitome of a millennial wife. She works a full-time job, maintains several side hustles, goal oriented, aspiring entrepreneur, educated, passionate, all about women empowerment, innovative, and believes her life purpose is helping people.

As a millennial wife, she wanted to create a platform that represents the realities of not only marriage, but life as a millennial today. Being a wife is not her only identity, therefore there is more to this blog than talking about her marriage. Life is not one dimensional, and neither is this blog. If you are not married or a millennial and took the time to still check out The Millennial Wives Club, you are the perfect person to appreciate the layers of what this club offers.

This blog is divided into sections:

Millennial Wife Life: A documentary series providing visitors with a first-person perspective on unseen parts of the Millennial Marriage, offering glimpses into the lives of Millennial wives involved in everything from career to at home life and social life.

Millennial Wife To Be: Here's where I give my best unsolicited advice that you didn't ask for, but I think it would be useful to know as a bride to be.

Millennial Single Life: Here's where we talk more about what it's like being a Millennial Single today, in regards to finding yourself, dating, and more.

Millennial Magic & Inspiration: Millennial Magic is dedicated to celebrating the special and exciting qualities that makes someone special and sharing inspirational content from multiple sources.

 i didn't call it a club for nothing! 

i didn't call it a club for nothing! 


how do i join the club?

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me and getting to know what The Millennial Wives Club is all about. I often get asked, โ€œHow do I join the club?โ€ Well, you are taking the first step just by visiting the website and subscribing to the blog. The next step is becoming a guest blogger and making a permanent stamp by sharing your story as a guest blogger. The Millennial Wives Club is intended to be a collaborative support group for women who are adjusting to a transitional life event, whether itโ€™s relationship status, career moves, motherhood, or location. There are a lot of resources out there for people who have figured out how to solve issues, but what about fulfilling the need to be able to relate while still on the journey to discovering how to deal with adjusting. The goal and mission of The Millennial Wives Club is to figure out life together and to be supportive of wherever you are in life so that you know that you are not alone.

I ultimately would love for other millennials to contribute, so if you feel that you can contribute to this website in some way, feel free to send an e-mail to info@themillennialwivesclub.com.

Let's do this!