Crated With Love: Date Night Box Review

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Running out of date night ideas?

I strongly believe that date night is ESSENTIAL in a marriage. I've shared with you in a past post, HOW TO: SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE FROM TECHNOLOGY, about how my husband and I have a no technology night once a week where we do something that allows us to connect without the distraction of our phones or tv.

Recently, we were sent a date night subscription box from Crated With Love, who provides young married couples with date night subscription boxes delivered right to their door at an affordable price. Each box is specifically designed to include games and activities that not only help couples laugh together, but they are all built on techniques and strategies to help you build a stronger marriage or relationship.

First of all, we are the perfect couple for this, because we really do enjoy playing games together! Games are totally OUR THING! We were sent The Game Show Date Night, which has challenges that strengthen your communication skills while seeing how well you know your partner. This box was PERFECT for No Technology night because it didn't require the use of any technology and still allowed us to connect, get silly, and try something new.

I'm a sucker for details and Crated With Love did an amazing job on the packaging! From the shipping packaging to the box itself that held all of the goods. Each piece was perfectly placed in the box and even the instruction booklet gave us excitement!

I don't want to give TOO much away, because you definitely should visit their site and check out all of their boxes and decide on what fits you and your significant other's style. Just know that this is an inexpensive and fun way to have a date night and an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. I mean we laughed reading the instructions and laughed while completing the challenges. Our favorite challenge was "A Game For Newlyweds" which reminded me of the game show on tv where couples write their response on a card and the other has to guess what the other would say. We both felt great after playing because it proved that we know more about each other than we thought.

I love that the box doesn't really make it about "winning" but makes it about "learning" which really is a win win whether you're a highly competitive couple or playing just for fun!

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