True Life: What's a Date?

Hey everybody!

My husband and I went on what I considered our "First Date" as husband and wife. 

It sparked a debate between us about what we classified as a date.

My idea of a REAL DATE is something somewhat planned, something that took thought, and something that is a part of our weekly routine, such as dinner. The date we went on was a flight around the city of Dallas and dinner, which I dressed up and it was planned. GRANTED, I'm not going to expect a plane every date, but the planning and the effort is what counted.

His idea of a REAL Date is anytime we leave the house; i.e dinner, grocery shopping, riding around the city, movies. Which blows my mind because we live together so some things like dinner and sitting on the couch are just "living together" not dating.

WTF? Netflix and Chilling or running errands is NOT a date.

What do you all think? What's a date?