The YOU CAN SIT WITH US Brunch Series Experience


I'm still on a high from last Sunday's brunch at Ivy Kitchen, right here in Dallas, TX!

Last Sunday The Millennial Wives Club kicked off the FIRST You Can Sit With Us Brunch Series and it was amazing!

You Can Sit With Us is a meet up where I am able to connect with other women from various backgrounds in real life over real life topics. As Millennials we can become anti-social because we're so glued to our phones and prefer text communication over face-to-face interactions. You Can Sit With Us is a movement where women can be themselves and supportive of one another wherever we are in life.


This was the best first meet up that I could have planned for! I got the opportunity to meet some amazing women, and we had a GREAT time! 

Limiting the guest to a small number allowed everyone the chance to comfortably connect and be heard and eliminated any opportunity to just sit in the background. I basically wanted to take my own personal experiences with meet ups and make it better. I wanted something inviting no matter the background, relationship status, or if you were a blogger or not.

My main concern was ENGAGEMENT. How can I get everyone engaged without forcing the situation? I have went to several events that were overcrowded, unstructured, too structured, inattentive, inconsiderate, boring, and not interactive. This wasn't that!

We started this brunch off with some delicious Peach Mimosas, an Ivy Kitchen specialty, and some unique introductions. You have to come to find out why they were unique lol! Just know it was not the typical "What's your name an 1 fun fact about you". The introductions naturally led into some very fun conversations were we were able to get to know each other better and relate on so many different levels. We ended the conversation by discussing the different titles placed on women to describe a woman who is about her business like Girl Boss. We all are tired of hearing that one! What do you call a man about his business? Man Boss? Boy Boss? Nope, just Boss. Well we deserve the same right lol.


You Can Sit With Us was a DOPE experience and I'm so excited to see how the next one goes!

Check out The Dallas Millennial Wives Club Meet Up Events section to find out about the next Meet Up! Get on the list to receive more details. I hope to see you there!