True Life: The Struggle is REAL


First and foremost let me put this disclaimer out there:

Most of my problems are first world problems (like most people) only I can admit it, know that there are worst things going on in the world, and still complain about it. But when I write them down, things don't seem so bad. Then I feel really spoiled and petty that I even cared about something so small and superficial. However, I'm human and I'm sensitive, so here we go!

Most of my disappointments in life come from people, not situations, people (including myself).

The fact that people are selfish and self absorbed that nothing and no one else matters because whatever they have going on is most important.

The fact that people are clueless, and don't know what else is going on in the same world that they too are living in. They assume that since they're good we all must be good, right? Wrong.

The fact that people don't read, reasons no one will even read this; not because it's wack but because it's actual words vs. a video or meeme. It takes too many skills to read I guess, or is it that you just can't find the time? lol

The fact that people rather laugh than feel empathy for other people because real life is "too hard". Instead of relating to people we ignore what we ourselves don't want to feel and as a result we not helping anybody.

The fact that people create a false persona and lifestyle that other people try to keep up with and talk about who don't (even though it's all fake anyway) even though they not "living the life". Yo Gotti "Errbody" song says it best tho!

As a millennial today, there is just TOO much going on. it's hard to keep focus on the things that are important, because there are so many important things. I say all the time that being a good person, a good friend, a good daughter/son, a good spouse/partner, or a good sister/brother is hard work. Partly, because all of your time is split among all the responsibilities that naturally come from those titles, such as being supportive (which isn't always reciprocated but that's another blog). That's what you signed up for right?! So much pressure!

Then the other part is you, which tends to get the leftover available time. You who have your own things going on (in your head, in your spirit), but there's not enough time in the day because you're busy trying to be the good person no one told you to be but expects you to be (expectations, yuck).

I mean just think, let's say you work 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday, which is like 9 hours out of the day. Depending on your lifestyle as a wife, whether you have only a husband or husband and kids to tend to, what time do you have for yourself after work? It's like you're always ON. By ON I mean putting someone else's needs before your own. Some women actually likes this, and I don't mind BUT I'm an extremists. I'm either all in or all out of something. I guess that's a personal problem, eh?

The funny thing about this is didn't nobody ask you to put yourself on hold for them. So you have nobody to blame but yourself, because you have a mouth and you have the option to say "No" or to not answer the phone.


The thing is, I also like being the one my friends and family call for help. I love helping people! It's so fulfilling! I also think I'm superwoman and I can do it all but still learning that I can't. Another issue is, I have so many freaking ideas, I move too fast, and there's not enough energy to accomplish it all at once. I have neglected this website which is something I have always wanted to do, but it needs a lot of tender, love, and care just like every other part of my life. I am convinced that this website is bigger than me and it is definitely needed. Reasons why I can't give up on it!

I'm going to be honest, my patience is growing thin with everything right now. Why? Because things aren't happening quick enough for me. As a millennial, we are used to things being easy, things happening quickly, and not having to work TOO hard for the things that we want most. I used to be so offended by that until I realized lately that's where my frustrations come from. Not only with people and being a good person but this website, social media, my career and my marriage. It's like, "I'm great, this is great don't you see that?! or I like this, you need to like this too! or Why can't you just do this for me" lol. Soon enough I've realize that nothing worth having comes easily and "hard work pays off" is not just a cute quote it's a real thing. 

I won't give up, and I am no longer defeated. I'm just going to keep doing me...for me.


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