TRUE LIFE: My Husband Loves Sports More Than Me

This picture is pretty much my

This picture is pretty much my

Let me preface this by saying that I am not into sports and I never have been into sports. I CAN watch basketball, but football it's so hard because I don't even understand it! It's just way too many calls, too much contact (I think about breaking bones and how they are hurting their bodies), and it's just repetitive. I really wonder "Why are we watching men chase around a ball for 2 hours?" and "All you need to know is the final score, why do you need to watch how it happens?" I mean I really don't understand.

This Sunday will be the first Sunday without FOOTBALL

and I was really excited until I realized BASKETBALL is back. 


Is it just me or am I over exaggerating (because I do have a flair for dramatics) lol?

Well just wait and keep reading before you judge...

My husband has the ESPN apps, and depending on who he likes he will have his computers up with a game playing and the tv going. If we go on a date he's constantly checking his phone for updates, highlights, and responding to the numerous group chats with his friends about the game. Meanwhile, I'm like HELLO?

Also, he's really particular about how he watches the game. If someone invites us out to watch a game, best believe he'll turn it down because he likes to be home and yell at the TV.

I actually have 2 instances that stick out and made me realize that THIS IS A PROBLEM!              (I'll keep it short and get right to the point.)

1. On a date night at TGIFridays: We sat at the bar (like we always do), little did I know FOOTBALL would be on and that's probably the main reason he wanted to go that night. I convinced myself that it would not be a problem and that surely we could still have a conversation, maybe I'd even be open to learning about this awesome game called Football.


We sat down and ordered our food and there was a man at the bar who started small talk with my husband about the game. My husband is a talker, he's very detailed, and he doesn't know how to cut off conversations with strangers because he doesn't want to be rude. Meanwhile I'm like, is this REALLY happening right now!?


By this time the food has come, I'm eating, and they're talking STILL about sports. Travis has not looked over at me once. I'm mad.

Meanwhile, a guy walks up to the bar and tells me I'm beautiful and starts a conversation.

I'm sure you know what happened next...

Travis looks over and STOPS talking and says "Bae you good? You're food good?"

I'm like DUDE! You weren't paying me any attention this whole hour you been on a date with this random stranger.

Conversation ended.

2. OUR HONEYMOON IN JAMAICA: This man (my husband) says "The Packers are playing on Sunday and I know we going to be in Jamaica, BUT I HAVE to watch this game OR have WiFi so that I can keep score on my phone."

I'm like "No, I need this trip to be the ONE time you miss a game so that I can fully have your attention and enjoy and make memories. This is really important to me, and if you do this you're going to ruin everything."

He says, "I have NEVER missed a Packers game."

and I'm like "So, this will be the first time. I'm not about to limit our day of fun to watch a freaking Packers game. We are in will be okay!"


After going back and forth back and forth, he claimed to understand and we worked it out to where he would check his phone for the score every now and then and we could still enjoy the nice dinner, beach, or whatever event we decided to do for Sunday. COMPROMISE, right?


Fast forward to Sunday, when we met complete strangers who happened to be from Chicago. We at the pool bar, why did they bring up the game?! Ugh. Here we go with THIS again.

The guy suggests that we watch the game with he and his wife at the bar later that night (mind you they're drunk and he said this after my husband already told him we had an agreement to NOT watch the game).

My husband forgets the agreement and is all about meeting up later to watch the game.

Fast forward to later (leaving out a lot of irrelevant details):                                                                 He leaves me in the room and goes to watch the game.



I know my husband loves me, but you should let me have this moment!                                           And I know that this is another first world problems situation.

It's STILL happening though! lol Things are still being put on hold for these freaking sports and he still has to pull out his phone to check the scores EVERY TIME that sound goes off. It's annoying.

I probably wouldn't mind it much if he could remember how I like my burgers/sandwiches like he remembers all the sports stats and the history of the players.

Don't get me wrong, I know men will be men and this will probably not change at all. All the blogs will say "Find interest in the sport/team and stick by your man" blah blah. Different strokes for different folks, and that's not it for me lol. My mom says, "Go off on your own and do something for you while he's watching sports so you won't feel ignored." That's cool, I can do that but sometimes I legit don't have anything else to do.

Is this an issue for you and your husband? If so, how do you deal with it?