From My Money, Their Money to Our Money

Opposites attract, but not when it comes in the way each handles money.

One of the things you have to start thinking about when you get engaged and on the path to marriage is finances. The lack of compatibility in spending money is a leading cause of divorce.

A few areas to help you with your discussion are:

  • Spending Habits

  • Joint banking or separate

  • Discussing major purchases

  • Savings

  • Bills

There is no right or wrong way to go about this, because it is all about what works for you and your spouse.

Some couples go all the way by choosing 1 bank that holds all their money together, while some keep their separate accounts and open a joint account.

My husband and I have a joint account at a credit union and have kept our individual banking accounts which we both have been added to each other's account. They say having a bank account at a credit union can come in handy when it comes to loans and such, so we signed up for one together. We kept both separate accounts, because we both had accounts at 2 different major banks, which can come in handy when traveling when one bank is not located in that city.

For the most part, our spending habits are aligned in which bills and savings are priority. If we are making a big purchase, we discuss it first and spend later.

This works for us!

The conversation is definitely necessary, so be sure that these things are clear before you decide to get married.

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