TRUE LIFE: Couples & Social Media

I think when it comes to social media, you have two types of people: The Carters (as in Beyonce) who post only what they want you to know and The Kardashians/Jenners who post every single moment of their life.

In this marriage, I'm the Beyonce/Jaz-Z and Travis is a Kim and Kanye/Kylie and Tyga lol.

I soon realized that there is a fine line between "being yourself and being one part of yourself a little bit more because it's the part of you that others find more entertaining". Does this make sense?

I capture a snapshot of my experiences if it's extraordinary and actually enjoy the moment and the people I'm with, while my husband wants to record and take pictures of every experience he enjoys as he enjoys it lol.

In my opinion, everyone doesn't have to know you are at happy hour every time you're at a happy hour, everyone doesn't have to know that you're drinking 5 shots of Gentleman Jack every time you take a shot, and everyone doesn't have to know you got the latest and greatest thing. I mean who are you posting for at this point? You could take a picture and keep it in your gallery to save the memory. Also, I find it hard to enjoy the moment if I'm too busy posting and recording myself having a good time because I'm unable to actually enjoy the people in the moment with me.

I get the whole "it's my page and I should be able to post what I want to post" and "I'm just being me" BUT I think the rules should change a little once you're in a relationship. Is that bad?

These days on social media it's easy to become a character or "known for" posting one genre of things. Maybe you're known for being funny, being a traveler, being a socialite, being fashionable, or being an activist. Once you're engaged/married, you're seen as one and that means if you're posting demeaning, degrading, racist, insulting, overzealous things online then that can reflect badly on you both right!? Same thing for the perfect image some people create for themselves. If it's not an image you're both portraying then people will see right through it, because one of you are saying how life is wonderful and the other is posting about how life is depressing.

For instance, I've seen one half of a couple post videos of them at the strip club getting a lap dance (no judgement, just sayin) and  I think "Where's their better half that they're always posting about?" Whether they are there with them or not it's none of the public's business but it opens it up for the public to have an opinion about their relationship when we shouldn't even know that these type of activities go on in their relationship lol.

What do you think? Should you consider your spouse before posting on social media?