I'm Not About That Scheduled Life


Soooo I have so much on my plate right now...

Let see...right now I am planning a Dirty 30 party for my husband, planning a GRAND birthday party for my friend which is basically a wedding without the flowers and the groom, I'm a co-host on a radio talk show, I work a full-time job 40 hours a week, I run this blog, I help develop brands, I'm a wife, and I have my own ish to deal with such as being a supportive daughter, sister, and friend.

Before planning my own wedding, I did NOT plan anything. I used to be a "go with the flow" type person, I lived my life in a "whatever happens happens" type of way. Nowadays it's waaaay more scheduled than I care for it to be. I'M BOOKED and I hate it. Whenever I say all the things that I have going on, I imagine people rolling their eyes like "yeah yeah whatever".

I hate to complain, because the opportunities that have me occupied are really great and I am lucky to have them going on. I mean it could be worse, right?! I could have NOTHING to do and NOTHING going on and live a boring life.

Lately when I'm invited to different things, I find myself asking "what day is that?" "oh, I may can do that at this time and this day, let me check my schedule". I actually have to use my calendar function on my phone and it drives me crazy! I hate being unavailable, I hate having to miss things for my friends and family, but I am only ONE person and I've come to terms with the fact that I will miss some things and that is okay.


Basically, I'm living a life where I need to know everything in advance so that I can prioritize and sort out my life ahead of time. Time management is key right now! It's like college all over again, only I have 10 times more things going on. I'm often having to divide my time between doing for others and doing for myself and the doing for others is starting to take over.

I guess that's what we call ADULTING...

Being a wife, no matter how busy I am I try to make time for my husband and make him priority, but sometimes it makes me unavailable to be there for other important people in my life and do things that I want for myself.

How do you handle multiple things going on in your life all at once? Should I just get over myself and face the music that a schedule is now my life?!

I would love to hear from you ways you've figured out how to deal! Please like/comment below.