Wives in the Club and "Pretty Girl Privilege"

pretty girl priv

Do Wives get "Pretty Girl Privileges" in the club? Is this such a thing? My first time hearing this phrase was by my husband the weekend of his birthday. He was convinced that my friends and I had it when we all went to the club for his birthday. I'm slowly starting to understand what exactly it is as I type this blog post. 

This night was my first time going to the club as a wife, with my husband, AND with my single friends. What a combination right?! Now I know what you're probably thinking, "Why were ya'll at the club?!" or maybe you're wondering "Why is this even a topic?" I mean that's what I'm thinking anyways, but this is an experience that I'm choosing to share lol.

Every blue moon for a special occasion we may go to a club. In this instance, the club we went to gives you and your guests free booths and free admission if it's your birthday. Well I guess they ran out of booths that night and we were given a table. At this table there was a lot of ratchet activity going on, so one of my single friends went to go talk to one of the security guards about getting into VIP. He made it clear that "only girls" could get in. Well that was a weird ultimatum, I thought. Somehow we got split up from our guys and headed to the VIP section. I'm pretty sure we only got in, because of my single friends but we made it! Long story short, our absence resulted in our men having a slight attitude, because we left them on the main floor and they couldn't come up. My husband got SO upset that he even tried coming into VIP and threw a drunken temper tantrum, which ended shortly and we had to leave...The End.

Later we discussed everything that happened and he brought up the "Pretty Girl Privilege" thing. I mean it's just so much easier to maneuver with girls at the club! We figured the guys could do their "guy thing" and we'd do our "girl thing" for a minute. The crowd had taken over our original space we had reserved, so we just found a solution that best fit us I guess. So I guess to some extent he was right about girls being on some "Pretty Girl Privilege" ish. Being on the floor at the reserved table, things start getting a little too much. We needed to sit and drink our drinks without people bumping into us so that we could continue to have a good time and not ruin the night for the guys because our feet hurt. Then a friend pointed out that men get privileges in everything else in life, so let us have our pretty girl privilege at the club lol?! I mean we do spend hours getting dressed up, we're in heels for goodness sakes, and after hours of drinking, standing, and dancing we need to sit down. Why not sit and have a great view while you're at it?

An observation I made that night was that I honestly think that single women and married women benefit from one another in social environments like the club, so then it becomes Pretty Girl Privilege by association whether they seek it or not. Married women get to benefit from the "Pretty Girl Privilege" (free drinks, free admission, free access) of a single woman because we came together, and single women get to pursue their Pretty Girl Privilege by receiving attention from any guy that they want without the competition. So I guess there is a certain privilege to being a pretty girl in the club, even if you're married. I mean little do they know, most times we just want to get dressed up, take some pictures, sit down, and be cute!

Nonetheless I do notice that there is a difference when you go out as a married woman. I've witnessed first hand the super powers of having a ring on your ring finger. My experience has more so been that people will stay far away and look in every direction except mine OR I've witnessed with friends how people will pretend that they don't see the ring on their finger and will talk to them anyways. Whether single or married, sometimes you just want to go out and be unbothered and have a good time with your girlfriends. You don't necessarily intend to use your "Pretty Girl Privilege" sometimes it just uses you. 

My takeaway for this experience for MY life is to not go to the club with my husband and my single friends at the same time, because the "Pretty Girl Privilege" might takeover. lol

What do you think of "Pretty Girl Privilege"?

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