The Millennial Wives Club is taking over your weeks ahead with daily hashtags and themes!

Check out the below:


Every Sunday I will feature an interview with a guest who has some advice to share that would be beneficial to women in today's society.


Every Monday we will highlight a millennial for something that they are doing special for the culture.


Every Tuesday I will share some wisdom I've gained from a life experience that I hope would be beneficial to someone else.


Every Wednesday I will feature a Millennial Wife or Millennial Wife to Be who is celebrating an anniversary or birthday or who is doing amazing things in their everyday life.

If you'd like to be featured, please e-mail


Every Thursday I will feature some fashion advice or DIY project that I am working on.


Every Friday will be something random, whether something that is funny, something about fitness, or a random rant or thought. Who knows?!


Every Saturday I will feature different ways that you can take care of yourself.