Wifey Wednesday: Mrs. Amber Glover

The Millennial Wives Club would love to spotlight Amber and Aeron Glover as they celebrated their 1 Year Anniversary as husband and wife on June 18th.

We asked Amber to provide some insight on what the first year of marriage has been like and what she loves about being a millennial wife today.

Amber says:

Marriage has been a humbling experience. I’m super grateful and blessed for my husband. Throughout our first year of marriage, we've continued to recognize the importance of understanding how experiences from our past -- including childhood upbringing and family relationships -- shape our views and thoughts. This recognition and empathy drives a deeper connection that encourages open dialogue and a stronger emotional bond. 
1.     Marriage has made us take a deeper/humbling view at our character
2.     We still go to counseling – almost two years after starting pre-martial counseling
a.        It has helped us become more “Aware”
b.    We’re doing the inner work now, so that we don't have to do as much later. As we grow, we'll always have to do inner work but it's good to do it now.
c.       Love languages- We have a better understand of how the other person receives love
As a millennial wife, I love the fluidly of my relationship with my husband. I love breaking the typical gender norms that society has placed on relationships.



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