Chasing Something That Doesn't Exist

Are You Chasing Something that Doesn't Exist? What are you chasing?


In today’s world there are so many false images and false information that people are choosing to believe that they can live a life of perfection.

Now you’re probably thinking, oh not me, I know that nothing is perfect.

Yeah, sure, we all know that nothing is perfect, but a lot of people are wasting time creating and chasing an image that we see other people portray therefore we think is attainable.

While trying to Keep Up With The Kardashians, people neglect to appreciate the place that they are currently in and how far they have come. You ever sit back and think why you’re so devoted to reality shows, the shade room, and celebrity gossip? I think it’s because we often compare ourselves to the perfect image of others, and these mediums make you feel great about yourself because you get to see that their just like you.

Now somebody else may say “well I don’t compare myself to anyone but when you #bodygoals, #couplegoals, #goals, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Body Goals, Couple Goals, Career Goals, we've heard it all, we see the hashtags. Now there isn’t anything wrong with goals, realistic goals. A lot of the things we’re reposting, following, and liking on social media are unrealistic and our expectations become high and when we are unable to meet them we feel like a failure. Who are we trying to impress? Are we trying to impress or are we just sharing good news when we post pictures about us with our significant other, our new purchase (house, car, jewelry, etc), us on vacation? What kind of response are we expecting to get? What if you were to post one of these accomplishments and no one responded? Not a like, a comment, a repost, nothing. Would that affect how you feel about it? I’m not going to lie, I do feel validated when someone likes or comments on my content. I shouldn't, but I do.

It seems that likes eventually end up dictating what your future posts will be. Then the smoke screen appears and you’re officially in a box. The perfect box, the one-dimensional box that you’ve put yourself in because that’s what people respond better to. We begin chasing something that doesn’t exist for the life that we’ve been given. If we all were meant to have abs, designer clothes, the perfect soul mate, a dense/ full head of hair, a well proportioned body, a mansion to call home, and making at least 6 figures then that would be the norm. The sad part is, even if it was the norm, we’d still want more. So what is enough?

I can tell you one thing, pretending to be something that you are not is not the move and will never be enough. This is your Wake Up Call! You are enough, just the way you are. Real recognize real, people respect honesty, and being you is consistent. Being your authentic self is something that does exist, so stick with that and give yourself some credit.