Cuffing Season Chronicles: TOP 10 MALE HOE PROFESSIONS

So I was driving in my car yesterday listening to my favorite Dallas Radio station K104 with Dede In the Morning! I love them by the way! They listed the Top 10 Male Hoe Professions and I couldn't write them down quick enough!

I promised my Millennial Singles on Instagram that I would help them get through this "Cuffing Season" and we can start by knowing what professions to look out for, right?! That's typically the first question that comes after "What's your name, where you from?", it's "What do you do?"

Well here it is ladies...what are your thoughts? COMMENT BELOW!


Yes, surprisingly for me the Youth Pastor was #1 lol.

I have my own personal experiences with 4, 9, and 10 so they definitely hit those on the head!

I want to hear feedback! Maybe we can talk about this next week on my new InstaLive Talkback session! Stay tuned on Instagram for the details!

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