EHS CLASS OF 2007: My 10 Year Class Reunion


Whew time sure flies by when you're having fun!

It has been 10 years since I've graduated from high school. My high school was a Jr. High School as well, so I have attended the same school from 7th-12th grade. As an honor student, there was only 1 class of students and we literally attended every class together from Jr. High to High School. Imagine that, growing up and attending classes with the same people for 6 years!

So you can imagine my excitement to be reunited with my East High family. Some of them I even attended the same college after we graduated high school. Since I moved to Dallas, Tx it became hard to stay in touch as much as I would like but when I link up with them it's always a good time like we see each other everyday!

As you should know by now, I am from Memphis, TN. Any opportunity I get to go home is always a win for me, because I love seeing my family and friends. My class reunion was Labor Day weekend and we had a different event every day.

Friday was a Re-Meet and Greet on a rooftop downtown, where we had drinks and laughs among each other. It was so much fun! It was nice to see and hang with other class members that I didn't get to see as often outside of overall class activities.

2017-09-02 06.50.07 1.jpg

Saturday during the day was our 90s Skate Party! I really had to think about what I was going to wear, because I often feel like people get the 80s and the 90s mixed up. 90s was all about baggy pants and bandeau crop tops. So I went with colorful Camo pants and a crop top. I got the idea from Aailiyah's "Hot Like Fire" video. I was really comfortable and I had a great time!


Saturday night was the finale for me! It was a re-do of our Senior Prom since our original prom got cut short. I had the pleasure of having my husband as my date aka my trophy! Besides the fact one of the bartenders (who is now the Babymama to an ex of mine) tried to hit on him, I had the time of my life! I used to be a wall flower honestly and didn't dance, but I was definitely on the floor that night! Not to mention the SLAY thanks to a local MUA y the name of Zii and my great friend Porschea Dixson who designed my fabulous custom Jumpsuit! Check out the TIAESQUE section for more details!

2017-09-03 09.15.17 1.jpg

I'm definitely not the same girl I was in High School. A lot has happened in 10 years. People used to judge me before I even opened my mouth and call me stuck up and guys would say I was intimidating. Now I care less about fitting in because I know who I am and who's I am, I'm married to a wonderful man who loves all of me, I value my relationships with the people who want to be in my life, I accept people for who they are and don't try to change them, and I am who I am no matter who likes it.

Who are you after 10 years?

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