So it's already September and my husband and I have not taken any trips outside of visiting our home towns. As the young child-free adults we are, I feel that we should be seeing the world right now! We actually planned to go to Mexico this June and got caught up in a SCANDAL with a bogus travel agent (I guess I forgot to write a post about that)!

Nonetheless, I was determined to take a trip before the year ended because my husband and I needed to escape reality for awhile. Initially we were going to visit the city of Austin and stay at a new dope location there and realized it was around the time school was starting and of course FOOTBALL season, and the city was going to be so crazy we wouldn't be able to enjoy our getaway. Then, we decided on Houston until that whole Hurricane and flooding disaster. It was as if the universe did not want me to be great!

A week later, we decided to takeover New Orleans! I have never been to New Orleans, so I was really excited to see what all the hooplah was about.

I really enjoyed New Orleans! When I told my friends I was going to New Orleans with my husband, they laughed and said "it's way more fun with your girlfriends". This is typically the natural reaction from people who don't understand our Wifey Hubby Turn Up. I think my husband and I are unique in that way. Yes we're married but being married doesn't mean that you automatically grow gray hair and play chess for fun all the days of your life! 

We stayed at The Hyatt place which was conveniently placed adjacent to the Mercedes Benz Superdome and a 15 minute walk from The French Quarter. It was so clean and comfortable!


As soon as we checked in our hotel, we walked to Jackson Square. I realized as we walked there that I was NOT about to be walking there and back our whole time there. So I looked at the hubby and said UBER, please?! Nonetheless I had fun despite being hot and tired lol. I was so ready for the sun to go down so we could hit the streets!

2017-09-10 08.53.11 3.jpg

That night on our way to the French Quarter, we had the BEST UBER driver who definitely put us up on game about where to go and what to expect. She even gave us a local secret. Did you know that if you go upstairs to any bar on Bourbon Street that they give you 3 FOR in 3 drinks for 1?! Yeah, we definitely wanted to check that out! After getting some good Gumbo from Mr. Bs Bistro, our main goal was to get a Hurricane and explore the French Quarter and what it had to offer.

We kept hearing about The Carousel Bar, that had a bar that rotates. We HAD to see that! Of course when we got there EVERYBODY was at the bar, lol. We stayed for a minute but when we realized everybody was very comfortable and wasn't leaving any time soon we left.

But let me take a picture first!

But let me take a picture first!

Then we were determined to get to The Hurricanes, so of course we went to Pat O'Brian's! An original New Orleans Hurricane...amazing!


Anywho, let's get to this food! You all may not know this but I am a very picky eater. I have very basic taste buds, but I was determined to "try" some new food. Where else to do that than NOLA?!

Saturday was all about food! I was pleasantly surprised! I actually enjoyed EVERYTHING that I had. We ate A LOT! I would be eating dinner, still full from lunch. I did not want to miss out on any good eating. Especially after coming off of a 20 Day detox, I probably gained all the weight I lost back. It was worth it!

Ya'll know I love brunch, so that was the first move. It was packed everywhere if you didn't a reservation, luckily we got lucky and got a table at Mena's Palace! The food was BOMB! We got a window seat and were able to people watch in The French Quarter. It was great...but where the Bottomless Mimosas at!?

2017-09-10 11.35.33 1.jpg

Now, when I googled "Bottomless Mimosas in the French Quarters" Broussard's kept coming up BUT it looked a lil too fancy for my distressed shorts and Yeezys! After much contemplation, we decided to still show up and sit at the bar. We were greeted by a friendly bartender and we literally stayed there until it was time for our lunch reservation at Oceana Grill! It was a really nice and fancy scene inside and outside. They even let me take a cup to go. Yaaaaas!


2017-09-10 08.53.10 3.jpg

After our dinner at Mother's, which honestly was not that great and probably my least favorite place we tried, we ended our last night on Bourbon Street! As a Memphian, naturally I compared Bourbon Street to Beale Street and soon realized that it was not a fair comparison lol. Bourbon Street was like an adult playground! We had so much fun! Our main goal was to get a Hand Grenade and mission was accomplished. Tropical Isle is where it's at! We accepted the challenge of a friend and got a Large, with no ice. 

2017-09-10 08.01.15 1.jpg

When on Bourbon, do what the Bourbon Street goers do! We indulged, we walked, we laughed, we danced, we saw some crazy things, and most of all we enjoyed ourselves! This was the first trip I think that we've taken without a group or meeting a group. I really enjoyed taking over NOLA with my guy! These memories we'll have forever.

2017-09-10 08.01.16 1.jpg

We couldn't hang too much longer because we had to get back on the road early in the morning. But we'll be back! What's a good location to go for a quick getaway?! I might make this a thing. We're basically like a Bonnie & Clyde, right?! Nah..

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