Today I attempted to be the bigger person and I received nothing but shade in return.

 I GUESS I kinda sorta deserved it? I'm still not sure, you tell me.

First off, this post may be petty to some, but some of you will understand. It's anonymous because the person I'm referring to is anonymous lol.

As a woman, there are some things you just don't play about. To each is own. Outside of family and getting money, I don't play about my hair, my nails, and my food. Since elementary school I didn't play about my hair, you don't want to see me hangry, and I've always weirdly been OCD about my nails.

Moving to a new city and finding the right hair stylist and nail salon is a true PRIORITY, is it not? So when you find the right one it's like hitting the jackpot! I am a very loyal person and if I find something good, I'm going to tell the world so we all can be great.

So there's this really dope anonymous girl who used to do my nails a few months ago. She was basically a one woman show in her own little natural nail studio. What made her so special to me is that she didn't use a drill, she actually grew my nails healthy and strong, and I could actually hold a conversation with her while she did my nails. She only did nails by appointment and she was pricey but it was worth it. I went to her faithfully every 3 weeks for over a year, I made my appointments far in advance so she'd know when I was coming, and in my mind we had become friends! 

Unfortunately, we fell out due to her cancelling my appointment without any prior notice or follow up for rescheduling, which basically said "I don't value you as a customer." 

I woke up the day of my birthday and the day of my appointment to an e-mail notification that said my appointment was cancelled. I assumed this was a mistake because I didn't have a text or call from my dear friend/ nail tech about any cancellations. So I texted her,I called her, and left a message. I received NO RESPONSE not only the whole day but a smooth 2 weeks. What did I do to deserve this?! So I check Instagram for any hint that this girl is alive because at this point I'm genuinely concerned. Yep she's alive and well and posting on Instagram.

So I call & response. Two weeks later the service used to book my appointment sent me an e-mail asking me to rate my last appointment, so I did. What did I rate it as? A 1 STAR because it did NOT happen and I still had NOT heard from my dear friend/nail tech. I even said "I won't be going back there" and I meant that! Within 24 hours I heard from this girl in my DMs on Instagram with the excuse of a family emergency that day blah blah. What about the rest of the 30 days? Then she blocked me so I couldn't respond.

Fast forward to today. It's been about 3 months now and I have been praying A LOT trying to get my life right. I also don't like having bad vibes with people so I tend to get over things quickly. Yesterday I made an appointment with the girl so I could apologize about the review and just move past it. Welp to my NOT surprise, today she cancelled my appointment when I got there and refused to service me in her place of business. Go figure!

I honestly expected it because I know the type of person she is, but I needed her to treat me like that to my face and in person so that I could just get over it. A part of me thought "money is money, she ain't gonna turn that down." Boy was I wrong! She said she assumed that since I said I would never come back, that I'd never come back and assumed that appointment was an old appointment lol. I even had to laugh at that one.

Before I got a flashback to go "Love & Hip Hop" on her and her place of business, I just left. That shit only works on tv anyways. Nonetheless I really won't be going back there and I won't even think about it. My nails are still fabulous, healthy, and long with or without her. I think this was my first Shade war, but I'm not sure there was a winner here?