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Hi there!

Just wanted to take the time out to re-introduce myself to any new readers and subscribers out there. My name is Tia and I'm just a good woman trying to be a better woman while inspiring the next woman by sharing my story as a Millennial Wife. I have experienced being single, a serial dater, a bride, and now a wife, which is why I created The Millennial Wives Club to continue to learn and be supportive of my fellow women.

I'm a woman who has struggled with dealing with major transitional life events and in return has picked up many different skills such as brand development, content creation, styling, and event planning out of being indecisive and too cheap to pay someone else to do it. 😂

I have ups and downs just like anybody else, but unlike most people I don't mind sharing both sides especially if I think it will help someone else.  My life isn't perfect, and it's always changing. Heck to this day I'm still confused about my career goals honestly. I am really great at brand development, marketing, and content creation. When I first started this blog I had 3 different categories and Lifestyle, Fashion, and Brand Development. I soon realized that the way my life was set up that I could only focus on one thing at a time. 

I'm really unapologetically EXTRA in real life (not just for social media 🙃) and I definitely fall into the Introvert Extrovert category when it comes to meeting new people. It's funny because people that know me somehow see me with a big personality, but I am really shy. At least that's how I feel I am. I really have to PUSH myself out of my comfort zone in order to do most of the things I do. Building a brand will definitely MAKE you do that.

I would like to think of myself as a Creative Genius and with that my brain is always at work. I typically have a collection of ideas and I just wing it and figure it out as I go. Once you start and invest time, you kind of have to finish it, right? I am very detail oriented and as a creative, I'm sensitive about my ish 😂  so I make sure that whatever I put my name on is right. I love to laugh and have a great time! I'm blessed to have a support system of family and friends that motivate me and loves me for being me. You all are included, because you are my internet family and you all motivate me daily with your comments and e-mails. THANK YOU! 💕

Motto for 2018: If it doesn't help you grow, just let it go #noexcuses

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