I'm a Wife and I Still Don't Like Sports

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So here I am almost year 2 in my marriage, and I still have no urge to sit down on the couch and watch sports with my sports obsessed husband. If you recall my last blog post "My Husband Loves Sports More Than Me" then you know a little bit about where I'm going with this.

Apparently my husband really wants me to watch sports with him, so much he made a Facebook status asking people how to get me more interested. Just now that after this blog post, there will be a video coming soon because he is going to want to speak his peace on this matter #gofigure.

Let me just say that I have NEVER liked sports. Growing up my dad BEGGED me to play basketball because I was so tall and he played basketball all his life. I tried it for 2 weeks and realized that it was not my thing.

For a few reasons:

  1. I don't like to sweat
  2. I don't like anyone yelling at me
  3. Too much pressure

Nonetheless, I tried.. then became a cheerleader. So if you're wondering whether I'm capable, I am, just not interested. 

I just do not like sports and the whole concept of watching people chase a ball from one end to another and people rooting for it just puzzles me. I mean I get it, it's entertainment...and everyone has different things that entertains them. For instance I love fashion and I'm sure some people would say the same thing about fashion week or a fashion show? I don't know who but somebody could make that argument if they wanted. 

My thing is at least you can benefit from a fashion show since we all wear clothes lol. With sports, I REALLY don't understand why you HAVE to see how the points are accumulated. My husband will have his eyes glued to the screen of the TV, his phone, and the computer screen watching several games at once if all his teams are playing. What's a girl to do when that happens? You telling me that there are women out here putting up with this? If it's one game and for a couple of hours fine, but in the Davidson household this could be a marathon all day type of thing. If we are out, he's disengaged with me and looking at the ESPN app keeping up with scores and highlights while trash talking in his group chats with his friends. 

I mean don't get me wrong, I've tried to watch sports with him on the couch at home. I've even taken him to go see his favorite team, The Green Bay Packers, play against our home team "The Dallas Cowboys" in the rain and cold in his home town. Sports make him so happy and I would loooove to be interested because it makes him SO happy.


Which leads me to my question of "How did you get into watching sports?" Clearly this isn't something that will go away. I'm all game for going to a bar for food and drinks while watching the game, but sitting on the couch AND being ignored for a hour or two especially when you not doing the same for me? Why would I do that? I can't even get this man to watch cartoons or cheesy romantic comedies with me. So we BOTH in the wrong lol.

Honestly, I like when he watches his games because it gives me some "Tia Time" and I am able to go off and get my nails done, work on a D.I.Y project, work on my blog, or go to brunch with friends without experiencing "Wife Guilt" and feeling ignored. Is that so wrong?

Help This Sister Out and let me know if you have any advice about how I can get into this lol. Leave comments below, I would love to know the secrets!

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