#Goals: Here's to 2019 and Speaking Our Goals into Existence


Welcome to 2019! Let’s make this year count.

This month is all about LIVING OUT my goals and SPEAKING THINGS INTO EXISTENCE. Some people would advise against sharing your goals and plans with other people for fear people will try to discourage you. This may be true for some people, depending on their circle, but this is why you have to be selective and intentional about who you surround yourself with. More importantly, when you believe that what God has for you is FOR YOU and no man can take it away; you have nothing to worry about. He’s in control and that’s that.


So all 2019, I will be intentional with my goals to grow in every aspect of my life, collaborate with other women who share common goals as me and others can benefit from, be happy and find things to be grateful for every day, be more conscious of my health, buy my forever home so that we can start a family, and make a positive impact on the world. I want to fulfill God’s purpose for my life, I want to become a better wife/daughter/sister/friend, I want to be happy, and get everything God has in store for me.

Last year I spoke about launching meetups around the country. DID IT! I didn’t even tell anyone, because I wasn’t sure if it would REALLY happen, but God told me to do that and guess what…it’s still happening!

This year I want to grow The Millennial Wives Club community and bring women together so that we can REALLY support each other in whatever transition we are going through in real life AND online. I want women to know that they are not alone and that other women want to help them succeed. Everyone is not lucky to have a strong support system, some people are introverts and have issues meeting new people, some people want to start a brand or business and don’t know where to start, and that is why The Millennial Wives Club is launching a virtual community network.

Are you looking to connect with other millennial women who can support you? Other women who live near you who can spread good vibes online AND in real life? Other moms and wives who lives look like yours? Have a business or brand and need to get in front of other like-minded women to help you launch it or give feedback? Do you believe in the power of having a tribe of women behind you? Join the network not all about business but a place where we can connect with women from all over the world, have fun yet valuable conversations, share stories in a safe place, have virtual parties and LIVE discussions without having to leave the house, and more! 2019 is the YEAR OF COLLABORATION for Us and we'd love to have you join the network. CLICK HERE TO JOIN


So 2019, what’s good? What goals are you speaking into existence?