Faith Without Work is Dead: The MWC is Growing

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If you’ve seen my video about “My Plan vs. God’s Plan” then you know that The Millennial Wives Club wasn’t my plan, it was God’s plan. Before starting this blog, I would have daily conversations with God and he would actually speak back to me in scripture. I would always end in prayer asking him to direct me to my purpose in life. One scripture in particular, James 2:14-26, would repeat over and over again. I didn’t quite understand what he wanted me to do then or what I wasn’t doing reasons he would lead me to that. I realize now exactly what and why now.

I would always pray for things I wanted, I’d have faith that God would do it, and then wait for God to do it...That’s it. Sometimes things would happen and sometimes it wouldn’t. I would legit be confused. I thought if I went to church and prayed I would get all my heart’s desire. Then God got quiet. “What did I do wrong?”, I thought. Clearly there was a lesson to be learned. Every morning, I would ask God to speak to me and he would lead me back to that scripture.

I think now that he let me know that it was great to be a faithful servant, but that I also needed to put in some WORK. I believe he got quiet because he had given me all the direction that I needed and equipped me with the mindset, work ethic, and faith that I needed to put in the worth. Just think if you go to school and learn everything you need to know about your major and don’t apply what you’ve learned, what good is it? How many more signs would I have needed to start if I just kept waiting on God to do it? How would he know if I was ready to take on the responsibilities of my purpose if I didn’t even TRY or trust myself to do so? Would you give someone $5,000 (if you had to give) if you didn’t know how they planned to use it?

Let this be a reminder for you. If you have something that you are praying about, ask yourself “am I doing the work?” You have everything that you need ALREADY to do whatever it is that you want to do...just do it...just start. That’s the hardest thing to do, but when you start you’ll wonder why it took you so long. Get out of your own way. Sometimes things we downplay about ourselves are MAJOR things that other people just don’t have the skills to do. So stop! Embrace those skills, hype yourself up, and go for it!

It’s okay if it’s not perfect, you’re a work in progress and a masterpiece simultaneously. You HAVE to put in the work though. Don’t just talk about it, be about it. Walk it like you talk it.

The Millennial Wives Club was not a well thought out planned idea. It still isn’t…

Stay tuned for upcoming more incomplete projects from us lol!

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