Peer Pressure: Stay In Your Own Lane

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I often spread myself thin by agreeing to do everything to the point I don’t want to do anything. Spreading yourself thin to the point that you are not even giving the full extent of what you can do.

Confession: My opinion about what I should be doing is influenced by what I see on social media and the people around me to the point I can’t even focus on the assignment that God has given me.

  • Yes, I know that the gifts that God gives to other people will not be the same gift that he gives to me.

  • Yes, I know that if I continue to rationalize by comparing yourself to other people that I will never be satisfied.
  • Yes, I know that somebody else will always have better.
  • Yes, I know that you have to work with the skin you're in or you will be miserable forever.

But sometimes I have a temporary lapse in my memory, because I get distracted.

Distraction is a disorder that robs you from being GREAT. I cannot fulfill my destiny if I am focused on what everyone else is doing.

Nonetheless, peer pressure still exists in adulthood!

People on instagram will have you spending money you don’t have, in a relationship that you don’t want to be in, rushing to get married, and promoting things you don’t even believe in just to become instagram famous.

We all have to find our own measure. Doing things just to say you’re doing them especially when you are not ready for them is operating beyond your measure. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should make a career out of it or fully commit to it or put claim on it.

I’m really good at putting clothes together, but I cannot deal with the superb customer service required as a stylist. Some people just aren’t wired to do certain things.

I’ve had jobs that I knew I wasn’t meant to do for the rest of my life, because I didn’t get fulfillment working for other people. God made me uncomfortable and I was unsure of where I would end up but I took the position because I needed a job. I mastered the task before me because I knew that he put me there for a reason. There’s a lesson to be learned in EVERYTHING, especially things we consider to be a loss. These days, people don’t stick around long enough to master tasks, because they underestimate the skills God has given them to master the task. Sometimes we set ourselves up to fail with negative thoughts and comparing our journey to someone else’s highlight reel.

You ever heard the phrase you only get back what you put in? In order to have a successful business, you have to spend something to get something back and usually what you get back is less than what you put into it. However, you have to keep promoting it because you believe in it and you’ve invested in it. The same applies to marriage, career, relationships, and everything else. Today, people want the end result without the work. As a result, they become whoever they need to be in order to get it because of peer pressure. When does it end?

I know that I am guilty of thinking ahead and neglecting how far I’ve come thus far. Everything I went through to get to where I am is preparing me for what is to come. I know that. Experience is the best teacher. I’ve literally known that since I was little. I never wanted my mom to TELL me what to do, I needed my own experience to refer back to. If you can’t handle where you are now, God will not give you more.

So stay in your own lane, and in time you will have the greatest desires of your heart.

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