Why "I" Always Gotta Hit "YOU" Up?

why I gotta hit you up_ (1).jpg

You my friend or nah?

There’s always that one friend that you realize may not be your friend because you always the one being the friend to them and one day you realize that they have not been a friend to you and you just decide to let them go. In return they are confused and try to work it out or they just don’t even care. I would know...I’ve been on both ends of this scenario.

The funny thing is, I think I am the one in my friendships ALWAYS hitting my friends up. Any friend I’ve had at any age in life, I will randomly hit them up out the blue and check in. I find out what they are doing, I share what I’m doing. Mostly, we all are updated thanks to social media which is probably why they don’t hit me up. I guess I do look busy….AND I AM. But still...I value all of my friendships. We don’t have to talk for hours, I mean we all have lives, but a few minutes can be accomplished. However, if I’m the only one hitting you up or see me posting about how sad I am or how bored I am and you don’t hit me up; are we even friends?

At the same time if you have a lot of things going on and you legit don’t have the time to spare, you might have to schedule time. Scheduling time to talk may sound so extra, but it’s a real thing! It is necessary and as a friend who isn’t as busy, you can’t be salty about it. Me personally, I take what I can get because I understand both sides. So if I call my friend and we on the phone for 5 minutes, I’m cool with that.

Nonetheless, there is frustration behind always being the one to hit up your friends. It should be a mutual thing, right?! Let’s face it, we live in an instant gratification world where our attention spans have been reduced to 1 minute videos, we don’t like to read, and we’d rather text than talk. We are less likely to check on a friend because we assume we have a general idea because everyone posts all their good news and bad news online. But what about the in-between? Do we even care? Maybe we feel like commenting “Congratulations girl, I’m so proud of you” or “Praying for you” is acknowledgement enough? Maybe we don’t have anything to say so we “heart or sad emoji” on Facebook to let them know we’re updated?

I’m still not sure why “I” gotta always hit up my friends. Are you the hitter upper or the one getting hit up?