DALLAS QUEENS IN BLOOM: Champagnes and Flower Crown Workshop Event Recap

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We hosted our second MWC Dallas Event this past weekend and we had a ball!

May has been all about embracing the Queen within you. I often feel like we as women don't give ourselves enough credit nor do we give other queens credit. I wanted to have a meetup with queens where we could be uplifting to one another and crown ourselves because the world doesn't give us much opportunity to do so.

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This event was also the first event with my actual MWC Dallas team! It was such a relief for me because I usually am hosting these meetups on my own. This event was special because it consisted of all my favorite things Flowers, Selfies, Crowns, Cupcakes, Friends, Champagne, and Great Conversation!

First of all, we put in that work ya'll! We picked our own flowers and made the crowns ourselves under the instruction of our R. Love Floral instructor while we sipped on champagne. That was a conversation within itself and allowed us to open up a bit. 

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2018-05-24 10.05.51 1.jpg

We discussed "I am a Queen Because...", difficulty making new friends as adults, and sex after having kids. Clearly alcohol influenced this diverse conversation BUT the point is, WE HAD FUN! Each lady left with a gift bag of goodies and a flower crown made by them. The pictures don't even do it justice, you missed out sis! haha

Special thanks to Paper Party by Erika for the beautiful paper flowers!! Follow her on IG!

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