FIBROID FREE: The Surgery, The Healing, and The New Lifestyle

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Ya’ll I don’t even know where to begin! It has officially been 1 month since my surgery.

Hopefully by now you’ve been following my Fibroid journey and read my past blog posts WHAT THE F: LET'S TALK ABOUT FIBROIDS! and FIBROID FOLLOW UP: THE NEXT STEPS.

First of all, let me just say that after this experience I realize that God has kept me! After sharing my story so many women have reached out and I am in Facebook groups with women sharing their experience and I see how lucky I’ve been with my experience. As I’ve shared in my previous posts, I didn’t have any symptoms with my fibroids and I found out during a routine pelvic exam from a doctor who told me “a big cut” was my only option for surgery because my fibroid was so big. Only to do my research while praying to God, in which I found my doctor Dr. Quanita Crable right in my city who specialized in non-invasive surgery and fibroids.

Ding Ding DING!! We have a winner!


Many people asked,” WHY did you choose to have surgery instead of looking into a more natural alternative?”

Well for one I was convinced that my fibroid was way too big to think it would shrink. I got tired of looking pregnant, sleeping uncomfortably, having random sharp pains that made me cry in the middle of the night, and possibly ruining any chances of me being able to get pregnant.

Choosing to have the surgery was odd for me because I am ALL about natural stuff and between the time I found out in July 2018 to January 2019, I did try natural alternatives including going vegan for awhile. I figured “hey why not have the surgery, THEN adapt a new lifestyle to prevent them from coming back.”


Needless to say January 21, 2019 my fibroids were EVICTED, thanks to Dr. Crable who performed a laporscopic myomectomy leaving me with 2 very small incisions that look like tiny scratches and a belly button that looks different but I’ll take it!


Shouts out to my surgery team at Women’s Presbeterian Hospital in the Women’s Day Surgery area. Literally from the time I entered their doors it was such a smooth process. I was not nervous AT ALL and tried my best to not think about all of the things that COULD go wrong.

Did I mention this was my very first surgery?

Remember how in my last post I told you the first doctor said I had 1 10 cm and several large fibroids that were too many to count? Well how about it end up being 3 TOTAL in which I had TWO 10 cm fibroids (the size of 2 baby heads) and 1 small one. So I basically gave birth to twins! Coming out of anesthesia I was SHOCKED to hear that yet so thankful.


The surgery lasted a total of 3 hours which felt like 10 minutes to me. When I woke up I wasn’t in much pain at all, I was just really sleepy. The nurse said I could go as soon as I could pee, which I thought would be so easy. It was NOT, 4 hours later it happened and I was finally released to go HOME.


The healing process was most definitely a process and after so much support from my family, followers, and friends I knew exactly what I needed to do. “Move around even though it will be hard and you won’t want to” was the BEST advice! This helped prevent blood clots, gas from anesthesia (the worst part about recovery), and gave me something to look forward to.

  • The first two days I was drowsy, in pain, taking my meds, couldn’t shower, needed help sitting up and getting dressed, walked like I was 90 years old, and I was just tired.

  • After day two, I stopped taking my medicine and started back eating regular food. I showered by myself and was able to take a good look at my belly button which definitely looked different and made me cry. The incisions on the other hand looked like little scratches which made me feel a lot better. I definitely had to positive self talk that day. Prior to surgery, my doctor informed me the wonders of silicon scar removal strips and how they help diminish scars. (See Below)

  • Day four, I made it my goal to get OUT of the bed and sit on the couch. Granted, I brought my pillows with me to sit on to sit up on but I did it! I started to feel normal again. I also started researching ways to speed up recovery. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not one to sit still. Nonetheless I bought Post-Op panties and The Abdominal Binder Waist Trimmer from Amazon which helped reduce swelling and made it so much easier to sit up without the worry of splitting my incisions or feeling pain. (See Below)

  • Day five, I was almost back to normal. I was still moving a little slow but I was getting around just fine. I rode shot gun with my husband to get my car washed and even had visitors come by to check on me. However, I was still sitting UP as I slept and still had gas in my back which gave me such discomfort in my neck and back. I immediately went back to Amazon to buy a neck pillow which I was able to get delivered same day and worked wonders for my neck and sleeping situation.

  • Day six, someone reached out to check on me and told me about two natural supplements that would help me balance my estrogen and flush out any forming scar tissues. After researching the products, I learned these were perfect supplements to help stop the fibroids from returning and giving me time to heal and possibly help with future pregnancies. (See Below)

  • Day seven and after, I was great and almost sleeping on my side again and able to walk at a normal pace again. I spent my time researching healthy recipes to incorporate more GREEN foods in my diet and I’ve been steering clear from hard liquor. I guess you can say I’ve been drinking water and minding my business.

I literally spent my second week straight chilling! I had a 2 week check up with my doctor and she said my incisions looked GREAT! I was so excited to hear the good news about going back to work, getting back in the gym, and being cleared to have sex again! Whooooohoooo!


As for my new lifestyle, my stomach is FINALLY flat again, I look great, and I feel so light! I’ve incorporated boxing in my fitness routine, I drink a green smoothie everyday, I started Meatless Mondays, and I only drink wine or champagne (and WATER of course). Follow me on Instagram to see the progress. I can’t wait to do the big reveal for my birthday! This is a lifestyle that I can uphold and I pray it keeps the fibroids away!

Overall, I feel amazing! I forgot what it feels like to not feel bloated all the time. The fact that I can sleep on either side and/or my stomach is GOALS ya’ll. I no longer feel tired and exhausted all the time. I am #WINNING!

Thanks for reading this and thank you to my supporters (you know who you are)! If you want to drop any links, healthy recipes, share your fibroid story, or ask questions I would LOVE that!