Love & Marriage Huntsville: The Recap & Review


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This January, the OWN Network released a new eight-episode series called Love & Marriage: Huntsville centered around the lives of three high-powered African-American couples with strong personalities and points of views. Their goal is to come together to put Huntsville back on the map but must navigate through the realities of dealing with love and marriage while attempting to focus on transforming the city as well as their personal relationships.

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As a married woman who is also balancing career, family, and social life, I found myself being able to relate to each couple despite not living a similar lifestyle as the featured couples. Each couple is totally different and has their own set of challenges. I appreciated seeing the different dynamics within each relationship and also the friendships. This show was the perfect example of looking like #BlackLoveGoals to many on the outside, but being able to have insight on the inside definitely gives a true insight to marriage.

The Couples and Their Challenges

The couples — Melody and Martell Holt, Marsau and LaTisha Scott, and Maurice and Kimmi Scott — are all forced to juggle their relationship with their professional aspirations.

Melody and Martell Holt: Love, Business, & Infidelity


Melody and Martell Holt are the leaders of “The Comeback Group”, but they had a tough season as they opened up about Martell and his infidelity from a year ago and Melody struggling to forgive him after being married for 10 years with 3 children. Martell blames Melody for his infidelity by saying that she was “too busy and not satisfying him sexually”. However, he still loves her and says the woman that he cheated with “filled a void” and leaves Melody feeling less of a woman, unheard, and not taken seriously. Throughout the season Melody struggled with whether or not she could forgive Martell and be truly happy again in her marriage or if she should just get a divorce.

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Marsau and LaTisha Scott: Traditional Roles and Money Moves


Marsau & Latisha have very traditional gender roles in their marriage, and it kind of threw me off at first but it actually works for them. He is the provider and she is the caretaker of the home, the husband, and the kids. Marsau has the tendency to come off as demeaning a little bit and Latisha comes off very passive and light-hearted about everything he says. I wonder if she’s really ok with the way their marriage is because when we got to see her mom, I had trouble believing that her mom raised her to be this way (but who am I).

So MANY challenges were brought up with this couple. When Latisha told Marsau she was ready to start using her Real Estate license that they paid for, Marsau responded with “ I thought getting your real estate license was for fun”. Now LaTisha has been a stay at home mom for a while and her husband is not being 100% on board with her going back to work because it wasn’t “a part of the deal”.

Latisha has made the decision to pursue her career without her husband’s approval. She is prepared for any all questions and concerns her husband brings to her in regards to what she plans to do about the kids. One of her solutions being, to have her mom come live with them.

It wasn’t until the season finale that Latisha ends up getting her husband a million dollar hotel deal that he accepts that she MIGHT be able to contribute to the household.

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Maurice and Kimmi Scott: Honeymoon and Blended Family


Maurice and Kimmi Scott are newly married (they got married on the show) and they are kind of in a Honeymoon Phase, however they are dealing with a serious issue.

Both have kids from a previous relationship. Kimmi has been a single mom for years and her son is finally going off to college and she is ready to enjoy life. Maurice was previously married and has son, whose mom lives in a different state. He wants to bring his ex-wife and his new wife together to discuss getting his son to move with he and his new wife full-time.

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The Comeback Group

As a whole, this group is just as entertaining with their big personalities. Their interaction is an example of mixing business with pleasure in regards to working with your spouse and/or friends in business.

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