Your Job Don't Need To Get All of You

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In my post, I'M FULL TIME EVERYTHING | THE BALANCING ACT, I talk about my struggle with the balancing act of being a Full Time Millennial Wife balancing my career, my brands, my social life and more. The thing that threw me off balance the most was my job.

When I really evaluated the impact that my job had on my happiness, my availability, my marriage, my social life, my energy, and my ability to do the things that make me happy…I knew right then that I was giving way too much of myself to my job. Your job don’t need to get all of you!

Especially if you hate your job.

No matter how hard you try to stand out, no matter how late you stay, no matter how efficient you are…sometimes it’s still not enough. Meanwhile, you’ve given all your time and energy to it and you have nothing left to give to the other parts of your life.

You ever notice the difference between your single co-workers, married co-workers, parental co-workers? I have lol. The biggest difference is their willingness to stay later. Most of my bosses who weren’t married or without children really were consumed with their work and sometimes expected us to have that same work ethic. This usually involved staying until the job was done. The bosses with the husband and kids would come late and leave early. They were usually more sensitive and understanding to you also needing to leave early.

Nonetheless the point is if you feel like all you’re doing is working and not having energy for anything else, it may be time to let up a bit. This is usually when you start hating your job, have serious FOMO, convince yourself you don’t need a relationship, and you miss out on life’s greatest qualities. What is the point of working to provide a better life for yourself if you can’t live life?

Even if you LOOOOVE your job (like me), it can become a burden, especially if things in your real life are a little off. The fact that you can’t devote your time to sorting your life out can cause you to become irritable at work, become a distraction, and just affect your overall mood. Take time off, like a mental health day or vacation day, to relax and get your thoughts together. That’s what PTO is for…

Same for entrepreneurs, factor in an off day. If you were working a 9 to 5, you’d have at least 2 off days a week. You the boss, pick your days and stick to it.

I don’t know about you but I work best when I’m rested and in a good head space. Heck, I haven’t written a blog post since Spring and haven’t hosted a meetup since January. I am not happy about that BUUUT I really needed that time off and wasn’t afraid to take it.

Your job, no matter what it is no matter how happy or not you are about, don’t need to get all of you.

Save some for your loved ones, save some for yourself. I guarantee you’d see more benefits than from your job. It’s all a balance because your loved ones don’t need to get all of you too. People will use you until they can’t use you anymore and until you have nothing left. So prioritize yourself first.

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