So this jacket...is SO me! Wanna know what my brain looks like? It's this jacket! lol


Initially this jacket was just a regular longline denim jacket, until I put some Tia on it! I knew I wanted to turn this jacket into a statement piece, and that I wanted it to advertise me, my style and what I represent.


The back has hand painted logos that I designed and that represent my brands (The Millennial Wives Club, Tiaesque, and Embellished Hustle) and a sequin fabric sewed by the collar because I am obsessed with all things glam.

The picture at the bottom was inspired by a YouTube video about a 90's Grunge Inspired Denim Jacket and saw the photo on the jacket and knew that I needed a jacket with my photo on it. I mean, how cool is that?! 

The sleeve was inspired by the infamous patch trend and in a way tells a story. I found all these cool patches from a few craft stores over time and finally put them to good use. Each patch represents some aspect of me (reasons why it's so many). 

For the pockets, I knew I needed to add SOMETHING. So of course I added some bling to match the Strip of bling on the back. I love bling!

This jacket is SOOOOO TIAESQUE!

Would you like a custom piece? E-mail tia@themillennialwivesclub.com for details.