WHO DOESN'T LOVE LEATHER?! It's practically a basic and statement piece at the same time!

Now VINYL leather (patent leather) isn't for everyone. It can be considered to be trashy, loud, uncomfortable, and shiny. There's definitely a road map required to guide you in the right direction for this trend.


My first reaction to this skirt was, "Wow, this is definitely different, how can I make this look casual?!" I often see vinyl skirts dressed up with a beautiful yet frilly blouse or mesh top, but I wanted something a little more streetwear. The exposed silver zippers helped me make the decision to be more casual with a tee. Not just any tee of course, I had to send a message (The Female Revolution). This girl, loves bling! So silver accessories were a MUST!


Do you recognize this jacket? Yep, it's the jacket from my D.I.Y TREND: PATCH DENIM JACKET blog post! It matches this look oh so well. The pops of color on the jacket really brings this look to life wouldn't you say?

My next decision was shoes! Should I do patent boots? Block heels? Nope, I did say streetwear, so YEEZY'S it is! Not just any YEEZY'S...the ZEBRAS! They gave this look the eclecticism that I needed along with comfortability necessary to turn this into a realistic every day look.


Last but not least BAG ALERT, MAJOR BAG ALERT!

I'm not going to lie, with everything else I have going on with this outfit I was sold on going with an all black handbag option (notice I said handbag and not purse? Inside joke), but something said what the heck go for the color girl! What better way to upgrade this look than with a Prada handbag? If you read my last post about HOW TO: MASTER THE ART OF MIXING HIGH AND LOW FASHION then you know that I am following my formula very well with this outfit lol!


Who ever said you can't dress down Vinyl without throwing on a sweatshirt was wrong...and I just proved it! Now where we going!? Meet me at the bar...

Stay tuned for more Tiaesque Fashion Trends!

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