Pantone announced their COLOR OF THE YEAR 2017 as Greenery, a refreshing and revitalizing shade and symbolic of new beginnings.


I had no idea of that when I bought this beautiful Green Velvet Jumpsuit, but it  is now my new favorite color to wear. Now when I initially saw this on the Tall and Slim model, my initial thought was "That's cute on HER, but when it gets on these curves will it look the same. And this color is a bit different, will it look good on my skin tone?"

Often times when I shop,I try to challenge myself and see if I can make it work for me. My challenge with this jumpsuit was the fact that is was a jumpsuit, the color and  the length of the bottom. It's a weird cross between a crop pant and a full length. I bought it despite my worries and figured if I didn't like it I can always ship it back.

I'm SO GLAD I did it. This jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! It's so hard for me as a tall and curvy woman to find a jumpsuit that fits tastefully. The problem that I usually run into is the thigh area and it always looks like my thighs are suffocating lol even if I get it n a bigger size. #tragic This jumpsuit fits me really well and covers all areas that I'm a little insecure about (back fat on fleek).

 Honestly, I think the fabric is what makes this jumpsuit. Velvet is such a beautiful texture and I'm so in love with it. It looks so chic and it's very versatile. I also looove cut outs and these are in all the right places. It was a little tough trying to decide what shoes to wear but honestly a ankle boot or a flat worked just fine (guess it's part of the versatility). This jumpsuit was cute with or without a jacket (I love jackets), therefore it is the perfect Spring piece.

Who would have known the ugly yellow-green crayon would have it's day?