PurSUIT of The Spots X ASOS: Set Your Leopard Off This Fall

My absolute favorite print is back on trend this season! LEOPARD!

Leopard can be worn literally all year if you ask me. It is usually worn as accent pieces, but people are going ALL out this season and I'm not mad at it. This Fall, I'm bring suiting and leopard together! It is a very youthful approach to the traditional black business suit and really livens you up.

Leopard is the new Black!
fallin for leopard.jpg

Who says Leopard can't be a neutral? Definitely not someone who considers themselves to be fashionable or stylish. I'm setting my leopard off this Fall in a full Leopard suit. Both are popular trends this season. This look is perfect for the social events that I've been invited to this year. It makes a fashionable statement that can be casually worn with a crop top or graphic tee and sneakers or dressed up with a blouse and heels.


This look is really consisted of all my favorite things!

  • Blazers, which are perfect for adding to any outfit!
  • High waisted pants, which always make your butt look great and hide more conscious areas.
  • Leopard, which is my favorite print since birth!
  • Pockets! Who doesn't love pockets?
  • Mix and Match, which gives you more opportunities to create many different look combinations and get more wear out of all the pieces.
  • Can be casual or dressed down!


This look is brought to you by ASOS on my very own dime... In other words, I REALLY do love the brand and I actually spend my own money on their clothes. lol

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