HOW TO: WIN the War with The Sunken Place


Where do you spend your most time in the morning?

Mine is my CLOSET aka "The Sunken Place"! It's so easy for me to get lost in there because it's so much going on. I literally go in there and sit down on the floor and just look up at everything and go into a trance about "What am I going to wear today?"  until the right outfit snaps me back into reality.

Some of you may be wondering, "why don't you just decide on your outfits ahead of time?"

I personally cannot lay out my clothes for the week nor the night before. I HAVE to pick my clothes the day of, because I need to know what the weather is like and go outside to feel for myself and I dress according to my mood that day.

As a woman, especially a fashionable tall and curvy woman, my closet can easily become clutter city. With all the long lengths, everything starts to tangle and fall off the hangers and ends up in a pile on the floor of my closet. Not to mention I'm a clothes hoarder and I'm sharing a closet with my husband so I definitely don't have all the space required to fit all my clothes, shoes, and accessories.



With that being said...

After you Shop Online Like a Boss:

Here are the Top 3 tips that I have for organizing things in your closet so that makes it easier to navigate:

1. MERCHANDISE:  Make things easy for yourself and start categorizing clothes by color and putting everything in their color family (ROY GBIV). If you want to get fancy, you can then organize by sleeve length and hem length. Also, keep pants together, skirts together, dresses together, etc. That way if it’s a β€œDress Day” you know exactly where to find what you’re looking for. 

2. SHOE BOXES: This may be the OCD in me, but I actually keep my shoes in their shoe boxes. This definitely isn't a space saver, but it is a time saver. The shoe boxes allow me to clearly find the shoes/brand that I'm looking for more quickly. Also, the picture on the box allows me to identify which shoe is in the box. If you don't want to keep the boxes, I would recommend organizing shoes by color and location. Ask yourself, where can I go in these and keep like colors together.

3. Toolboxes aren't JUST for Tools: Accessories deserve their own space in your closet.  Pinterest has plenty of DIY ideas on how to hang your accessories in your closet. It makes it a little easier to style together with your outfits. I personally have bought boxes from Hobby Lobby to store loose earrings and necklaces, so that they are easier to keep up with when I travel.

Word to the Wise: Clothes from last season should be put in storage so that you have more space, and can focus easier on what you can wear the current season.


Good luck Organizing! Do you have any organizing tips?