So you want to shop online?

Often times my friends say "I can't shop online, I never know what size to get."  I always say YES YOU CAN! It will definitely save you so much time and money. You may even find yourself liking it TOO MUCH.

I am an advocate online shopper, and I have YEARS of experience in successful online shopping. I started getting into shopping online, because when I go into the store 9 times out of 10 my size is not available,  it's just so chaotic with long lines and clothes everywhere I can never find what I need.

First Things First: You have to be a Brick and Mortar Pro in order to learn how to shop online like a BOSS. The benefit for shopping in store is the ability to try on clothes before you buy them. However, if you are shopping on a busy weekend and the line to the fitting room is just as long as the checkout line, it can discourage you from even wanting to buy anything.

The key skills that you learn from being  Brick and Mortar Pro is:

  • knowing your size per brand.

Every brand targets specific measurements catered to their target customer. This is why you may be a size 12 in this brand and size 14 in another brand.

  • knowing how different materials/fabrics look on your body.

Cotton is always great for every body type, but polyester/Spandex can be really thin with certain brands. Bandage is always a great material for me, because it's thick enough to hide any bumps and dents that come with being curvy.

 Nonetheless, most websites have a sizing chart that you can reference and the fabric type is under the details section. Note: Tall/Curvy women please make sure you look at length, especially if you don't want all your business out.

Working in the fashion industry for the past few years has influenced how much I'm willing to spend for fashion. I love a good deal! If I see a deal, I just take it as a sign from the man above to JUST BUY IT!

Here are the steps that I do, before buying online when you know the customer of the brand:

SIGN UP FOR MAILING LISTS:  Online always has sales and deals and the best way to get notified is YOU E-MAIL. The best way to practice this is to sign up for the mailing lists for your favorite brands with an e-mail dedicated to receiving online deals.

BUDGET: Have a budget in mind that will be your limit. For instance most time, I strive to not spend over $100. If I'm buying clothes and shoes it's $200. I don't strive to get to that number BUT if I'm over that then I know to go back and reevaluate my purchases. Also, sometimes the deals come when you spend over a certain amount.

SCREEN SHOP (like window shopping): Check out the deals in your inbox and just look at what's available at a.ll the websites. Yes, all of them! That's what the tabs on your browser are for. While you screen shop, pay close attention to customer 

ADD TO CART: Sign into your account and start adding items to the cart. If you LOVE it, can already see it in your closet, it's your size, and there's a deal; ADD TO CART. Just because you add it to the cart doesn't mean you're going to buy it, but it helps you decide later if it's worth buying once you see the total with the special discount.

RETURN POLICY: Since you're unable to physically try on the clothes you are purchasing, I recommend getting familiar with the return policy. Most online stores offer pre-paid return labels so the process is hassle-free.

Everyone is different, but this process has been working for me.

What are your concerns with shopping online?

If this has helped you, please don't forget to like and comment below. I'd love to hear from you!