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Back to Black Series- 2nd Look

Fashion Collab

Hey there!

We are officially in Week 2 of The Back to Black Series, which ironically at this moment in time is the color choice of women standing in solidarity in the name of "Time's Up". This series is also a moment of solidarity between fellow fashion bloggers sharing their different styles and empowering each other.

Meet The Back to Black Crew Week 2:

Meet my Back to Black Series Crew and be sure to check out their various looks on our IG:

Angie of Steele Divine | @steeledivine 

Bianca of Curvaceously Bee | @curvaceouslybee 

Briana of Confessions of a Beauty and Style Blog | @beautybybriana_ 

Keke of Keke's Budget Kloset | @kekesbudgetkloset


You may recognize this photo from my Bloggervesary Photoshoot, which was another instance of women coming together in solidarity. See where I'm going with this? The running theme here is women empowerment, women supporting women, and women standing together.

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This dress was sexy, fun, and glamorous! This dress can literally be worn anywhere. I can totally see myself wearing this with a leather jacket and combat boots, or simply adding a blazer to the current look. Either way this dress is made to move so dancing is a must, thanks to this fringe!

I absolutely LOVE fringe! Who doesn't love fringe?! It actually covers whatever "problem areas" you may have and in this case, still accentuates my curves. This dress screams "Hey Girl Hey!"

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If you ever invite me out to dance, just know I'm bringing this dress! lol

Oh, and these shoes!  They are definitely my most comfortable pair of heels in my closet.

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