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Back to Black Series- 3rd Look

Fashion Collab

We're back!

Meet The Back to Black Crew Week 3 and be sure to check out their various looks on our IG:

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Bianca of Curvaceously Bee | @curvaceouslybee

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Last week was not a good week for me, I guess you could say I was in a "dark place". Until the weekend. It was like God knew I needed to smile and laugh. The day these photos were taken the sun came out, I got dressed up, and my husband took me out on a date. I did NOT even want to leave the bed, let alone take photos, but I'm so glad I did.

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This jumpsuit though! Yes, it's a jumpsuit.

It is everything!

I actually have this jumpsuit in a Wine color and when I first wore it I got so many compliments, I HAD to get it in black. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. I love that it has a little skin showing and gives an oversized look yet fitted at the same time. It is the perfect balance.

The only difference between this jumpsuit and the other jumpsuit is, it's a smaller size! Ya girl losing weight! I went from a size 14 to a size 10 after 1 month of clean eating and no exercise. I'll share my secret in a separate post. So stay tuned!

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Oh and this  Chanel handbag! I just realized that I never put it down and it is making a cameo in every shot lol. This bag actually has sentimental value because this was my gift to myself after landing my dream career. It really meant a lot to me because I was able to purchase this bag on my own.

This bag literally dictates my outfits. I cannot look a mess even when I feel a mess with this bag.

It's so minimal yet holds so much power. This jumpsuit and this bag were made to be together. Altogether a timeless look.

Lastly, this hair! Yaaaaas the hair is a part of the outfit. I'm rocking the Bounce Collection from Indique Hair. This hair is so soft and so light! If your hair ain't poppin, then where are you shoppin?!

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