Tia Takes Dallas: The Sweet Tooth Hotel Non-Blogger Experience

2018-05-19 05.52.27 1.jpg

I feel like when "bloggers" review things typically they were given a "Blogger Experience" which consist of opportunities general admission doesn't get, such as free early access so that they can produce exclusive quality content. Well....this ain't that. I bought my own ticket and saw the potential of this pop-up museum when they were only at 100 Instagram followers and only 3 photos back in January 2018. Needless to say, this is a honest review that I wasn't paid to do.

It's been almost a full week since the newest Dallas sensation popped up, aka The Sweet Tooth Hotel, an experimental art and retail pop up. It is comparable to the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami if you are familiar with that. It is 5 beautifully created interactive rooms by local Dallas Artist with a candy theme provided by local candy shops in Dallas. How cool is that?! You can pretty much do anything you want EXCEPT eat the candy, haha.

They give you two options when purchasing tickets, general admission and keyholder. Since at the time that I bought the tickets there were very few photos and details, I figured it would be safe to go with general admission with hope that I would be able to upgrade to keyholder closer to time. Sure enough the opportunity to upgrade was offered, however when I asked what the perk was (to open boxes in the room) I changed my mind and kept what I had.

When I arrived, my first thought was "this is smaller than I expected". I quickly got over it. We were given 1 hour to tour the "museum" with people who gave us details about the artist and the thought behind the different rooms. Things moved pretty fast (in a good way). There were annoying moments because literally everyone is there to take photos so you had to wait or be rushed when it came time to take your photos. I'd definitely recommend bringing a friend or two along the way, preferably one who can capture good photos, because that's technically the whole point of this place. 

We didn't even use the whole hour and we all took photos in every room and we made it out in like 40 minutes. I'm definitely glad that I got to experience something as cool as this, because I really needed new photos for my Instagram. If you're not into that and you're a museum nerd, this may not be for you. Oh and the gift shop? It's definitely not what I expected, but it was a cool concept with some really cool items. If you're expecting the typical gift shop room, this isn't that either. It's still dope though!

The main question people are asking is "Is it worth the $20?" 

I would say YES! I love art and creativity and this was a really fun experience and the perfect photoshoot opportunity to do with friends. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Check out our photos below: